This or That: Mally Evercolor Poreless Face Defender Vs. Covergirl TruMAGIC Skin Perfector

Hey you! Is this week dragging by for you? I keep thinking it's a day ahead than what it really is. I'm hoping the weekend goes by just as slowly. ;) And we're back for another edition of everyone's favorite game show, This or That! Let's check out Mally Evercolor Poreless Face Defender Vs. Covergirl TruMAGIC Skin Perfector. These are products that work to smooth skin and to stop shine, similar to a powder. And as always, I test these products out thoroughly, in a variety of ways and methods, and for months. I encourage you to try the ones you like! Enjoy.

Mally Evercolor Poreless Face Defender
  • $40
  • Available online, QVC, and ULTA
  • What it says it does:
    • sheer
    • diffuses the look of pores, minimizes fine lines, and helps protect your makeup so it lasts from morning to night
    • flawless matte finish without the dry, ashy look of powder
    • comes with a unique buffed-edge Japanese sponge
    • comes in one size (as of this post)
  • Apply on top of makeup as needed and for touch ups as needed.
  • This has a hard waxy consistency, but doesn't feel that way on the skin once applied with the sponge. It didn't really diffuse my pores or fine lines, but left my skin with a very soft and smooth finish. It was instantly matte. Loved this.

Covergirl TruMAGIC Skin Perfector (I was sent a mini sample)
  • $8.99- $11.99 SRP (depending on where purchased)
  • Available online and in drugstores, box stores
  • What it says it does:
    • perfecting balm for a soft, smooth finish
    • controls shine, non-greasy, won’t clog pores
    • blendable, translucent formula for a matte finish
    • comes in full and mini sizes
    • full size includes sponge
  • Apply before using foundation or before using powder for touch ups.
  • This product is of a soft wax consistency and is to be applied before foundation or powder. However, I used it on top of makeup too. My skin felt soft and smooth, but not all foundations played nicely with it. It did make me matte.
This or That:
I liked how these offered an alternative to powders for mattifying the skin. Powder often looks cakey on my dry skin, so I liked using these. I found it difficult to compare these as they are so different. I liked each for different reasons, but didn't love either. Both came off easily when washed away at night--no waxy residue. I liked how both made my skin very smooth and soft. I would be more likely to purchase the Covergirl because $40 is too much for a product that I only liked. I'd rather spend it on a primer. Try them both!

Have you tried either of these products?

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