7 Beauty Tools You Need To Try!

I loveee my beauty tools, like brushes, my Clarisonic, etc, but I feel like that's been done so many times. I wanted to share the other tools I use every single day. I've got some unusual tools (and some unusual uses for things you already have). Please watch the video below for more in-depth descriptions on these tools (and hear my crazy Southern accent/awkward personality...I like to pretend it's endearing. I wish).

1. Orangewood Stick--Originally used for nails, I use this to open packaging, like palettes, compacts, or flip tops. My fingertips bruise easily (so weird) so I rely on these. If you do your nails and don't want to mess them up, you'll like this. Purchase online and at beauty supply stores.

2. Every Drop Makeup Spatula--Originally shared here, I use this to get out that last bit of product or to transfer product to a different container (like for travel). I like this for dispensing product onto a clean sponge or surface (instead of using my fingers). Online and at drugstores.

3. Eyebrow Razor--Yes, are great for quickly grooming brows, but I use it for dermaplaning, grooming those missed leg hairs (hey, it happens, y'all!), and to remove pills from my shirts and sweaters in a pinch. Online and in stores. These come in a variety of sizes and prices.

4. Pill Container--I use these to store false lashes! This came out of necessity--I was traveling and needed to store my false lashes, and it's how I've done it ever since. Provided the container is clean and sanitized, I've used these to store that last little bit of makeup/concealer/lipstick, and when traveling. I just tape them and store in Ziploc bags.

5. Spoolie & Interdental Brushes--A spoolie is a mascara wand. I use these to groom my brows, remove clumps from mascara, and to remove stray mascara. The interdental brushes are used originally for cleaning braces, but I use them just like a spoolie. See more uses for interdental brushes, here.

6. Portable Humidifier--Random! But if you have dry skin and/or allergies, you need one! I take this with me when I travel. Even in the car. LOVE. I originally shared it here and here. Try Amazon or Ebay.

7. Hot Iron Holster & Lil Holster--I was sent these to try and they've become a permanent fave! The Hot Iron Holster holds your hair tools while they are hot (up to 500 degrees), while they cool down (great for travel), and for storage. And it's all via a silicone pocket with a sticky back, that can be placed just about anywhere. The Lil Holster is heat resistant up to 250 degrees, and is perfect for storing practically anything. I'm not joking when I say I have over 50 uses for it. These come in different sizes and colors, making them an awesome tool. Use them at your sink, your shower, bedside, the mirror, your vanity or like I have below, as a mini mani station:

I use my Lil Holster to also store my glasses, remote, keys, jewelry, razor, toothbrush, contacts, sponge, soap, dirty eye/face brushes, and more. Seriously! I use my Flat Iron Holster to store any of my hair tools, like hot irons, curling irons, curling wands, hair dryers, or brushes. It keeps everything right out of the way. And I can use the flat surface to place my tools on if needed.

If you are traveling, or have a small space, or just don't like clutter, you need to try these! Highly recommended. I use mine every single day! I go into more details in the video. Available in many stores and online at http://hotironholster and lilholster.com

What random beauty tools do you love?

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