Mother's Day Goodies From Lush: Mum Gift Tin

Okay y'all--who hasn't gotten her mom something for Mother's Day yet? And who's husband/boyfriend/s.o./pet hasn't gotten you anything yet? Don't worry! I've got some fun things LUSH sent me that might be just the thing you're looking for. Check out the MUM Gift:
Inside this tin are all sorts of goodies that will be enjoyed your mom, your sister, your friend, your friendly favorite beauty blogger (hint hint), ANYONE, especially you--because the kids were driving you crazy and you just need a break! You can add this on to a present, divide the contents up (and keep the tin for yourself, because how cute is it?), or just keep it for yourself. I had fun (and a lot of baths) testing out these, so let's see what I got:

Dream Cream--Excellent for dry skin, or any skin that needs to be soothed. Chamomile, lavender, oat milk, olive oil, and coca butter are in this lotion. It's not too thick and smells so good.

Inhale Exhale Bath Bomb--If you've been reding my blog for, oh, more than 5 minutes, you'll know I love making bath bombs. But I love trying them out even better. This one is brand new (it if says NEW then automatically I need it) and each side has a different scent! One is the Gorilla perfume (think melon) and the blue smells like amber and sandalwood. Loved this!

Mumkin Bubble Bar--I love bubble bars and this one is ONLY available for Mother's Day--so grab one! This one has a fruity scent, but the star broke on mine, which is no big deal since it went straight into the bath. Think raspberries, lemon, violet, and a drop of chocolate. Super cute and I loved the scent. Usually I'm not a fan of raspberries, but I loved the combination of scents.

Secret Garden Bath Bomb--This one is limited edition, and is great for those who have a garden or grow flowers. It smells like roses, and has small yellow rose petals inside! I liked the surprise of the petals and how slowly it dissolved.

Gorgeous Moisturizer--I received a small sample of this facial moisturizer. It features ingredients like orange blossom honey, extra virgin olive and wheat germ oils that leave your skin feeling soft and matte. It has a nice smell that isn't detectable on skin.

Rose Bubble Bar--When I make these at home, they never turn out as pretty! You can easily break this in half or more pieces instead of using this all at once. But I threw the whole thing in! This smells like lemon and rose, but isn't strong on the rose smell. The cocoa butter will leave your skin feeling soft.

The Mum--This one was my fave! Because your mom (I call mine Mama, actually) is a queen, she needs a wand, dontcha think? This bubble bar wand is limited edition, and I need about 10 more of these. A girl's gotta stock up! This one smelled the best to me--it smells like orange, lime, and bergamot, and IT'S REUSABLE! Yes! Like 3-5 uses. Just swish and swirl it around the water, like you're casting a spell. Okay, not sure if those are the "official" instructions, but that's how I did it! Plus, the tag (not pictured) has seeds in it and can be planted!!

The Mum Gift Tin retails for $54.95, and includes everything you see, including the large tin. You can purchase it here.

Which LUSH product is your fave?

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