April Chit Chat Plus Q&A

I can't believe the year is almost halfway over! April flew by so fast! Today I'm sharing my monthly vlog. It's a great chance for you to get to know me better, as I share my month in review. This month will be different because I'm ANSWERING YOUR QUESTIONS! Yes, watch the video to see if your Instagram got a shout out and if your question was answered!

Some of the things I talk about:
  • Mug of the Month!
  • my trip to Charleston
  • 2 special birthdays
  • confidence in pictures/video
  • fave products
  • how I get my teeth so white
Um, I'm not selling this, am I? Well, then how about a pic of my Thrilled Special Guest?

Still not interested? How about a Blooper? You want real life? Here ya go:

You're just not gonna watch the video, eh? I worked hard on it, y'all! Then I leave you with 4 fantastic giveaways. Enjoy.

PS: I've got another post today! Check out my reviews on NYM new hair products!

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