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Y'all know one of my favorite hairstyles is my beachy waves, and I always use NYM's Beach Babe Texturizing Hair Cream to help get them. I've got a tutorial on that here or here So when Not Your Mother's offered to send me some of their new products to play with, I just had to! They're made in the US and aren't tested on animals. 

NYM is launching 11 new products this year! They've got something for everyone, like their Beach Babe Texturizing Shampoo and Conditioner (sulfate-free!), Kinky Moves Curl Defining Shampoo and Conditioner (sulfate-fee, anti-frizz), and Short Order Fiber Glaze Cream. And there's so much more! Here's what I got to try:

Plump For Joy Thickening Hair Lifter – a luxe gel formula for fine, thin hair to volumize, strengthen and add shine. I definitely saw some volume at my roots.

Whip It Up Cream Styling Mousse – a non-sticky, frizz taming mousse that builds body and thickens hair. I love how this smells like vanilla cupcakes and the nozzle allows the product to come out like whipped cream. Too cute! And it's not sticky! I like this when I want thicker hair for braids or updos.

Intensive Hair Unit Renewal Treatment – recovery therapy that moisturizes, nourishes and tames frizzy, troubled hair. One of my favorite products, as my dry, frizzy hair loved it! And look at the pump--it's a heart. I'm a sucker for cute packaging, y'all.

You can find NYM online, at stores like CVS, ULTA, Wal-mart, and more! Check 'em out!

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