Brush or Beauty Blender: Which is Better?

Hey you! Happy spring and happy weekend to us! How do you apply your foundation? Whether you are new to makeup or looking to upgrade your beauty tools, you've probably wondered which is the best for applying foundation: brush or beauty blender? Today's post will share the pros and cons of each, plus I made a video for you with more detail. Enjoy.

  • can be inexpensive
  • there's a brush for every product and area of the face
  • fast application
  • full-coverage
  • easy to clean
  • can be pricey, depending on brand, and I recommend at least 2 face brushes
  • need to clean more often

Beauty Blender
  • shape is perfect for all areas of face
  • applies multiple products, not just foundation
  • natural, light coverage, "airbrushed" finish
  • blends out too much product
  • not full-coverage
  • confusing on how to use 
  • $20 for sponge?
  • longer to use
  • not as easy to clean
This or That?
  • I prefer tools to apply foundation as opposed to my fingers. I feel like it is more hygienic, faster, and with better coverage this way. However, some products just work better with fingers!
  • I use both, love both for different reasons, but I tend to use brushes more, since they are faster to use. 
For details, brand suggestions, and more, please watch the video below.
Can't see the video? Click here.

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