Spring Clean and Easter Goodies with Lush!

Has spring officially arrived where you live? There have been teases here and there in Atlanta! "Spring" means two things to me: spring cleaning and Easter! I get that serious itch to start cleaning everything in sight, and luckily LUSH sent me some awesome products just in time for spring. I'm a huge LUSH fan--have you ever tried their products before? Everything is handmade. They use fresh ingredients, little or no preservatives, and they don't test on animals. Plus, they have something for everyone, so enjoy!


Let's start off with some cleansers to get our faces nice and clean. Have you ever tried cleansers like these? Here's how to use them:

  • Dampen your skin with warm water. 
  • Break off a piece of your cleanser, and mix with a little warm water to create a paste. 
  • Massage onto your face and body, rinse thoroughly and pat dry. 
  • Follow up with your favorite moisturizer if desired.

  • Dark Angels--Black sugar and charcoal exfoliate and absorb excess oil. I like this best for exfoliating my body. Best for: oily, combo, acne-prone skin
  • Angels on Bare Skin--Clay and lavender exfoliate while helping with calming redness. Best for: all skin types, but oily skin will benefit the most. As mentioned, there is clay in this, which can cause breakouts for some, so I personally don't suggest using this daily, but once or twice a week.
  • Let the Good Times Roll--This was my personal favorite! Corn meal and cinnamon powder exfoliate, and it smells like butter-caramel! Gentle enough for daily use. Best for: all skin types, but dry skin will love it most! FYI: it does have talc, which could cause breakouts for some.
  • Aqua Marina--This looks like a sushi roll and um, well, smells fishy when sniffing the container, thanks to the seaweed, which softens skin. But when applied, you'll notice a little scent of patchouli and citrus. There's also aloe and calamine lotion, which is very calming, making it perfect for skin that's been in the sun too long. I really liked this best on my body. This was the only cleanser I tried that was a creamy, gel-like consistency. Best for: all skin types
  • Herbalism--This is a mean, green cleansing, exfoliating machine, thanks to kaolin clay and rice bran. There's also rosemary and chamomile to tone and calm skin. Best for: oily, acne skin
    • Cleansers can be purchased for $12.95+ in LUSH stores or online.

  • You Snap the Whip--This is a body butter probably unlike anything you've seen or tried. First, it's black. Second, it exfoliates the skin. Third, it is a solid and not really a "butter" consistency until you use it. It has black currant, pumice, and charcoal, with macadamia oil bringing in the softness. This fruity-smelling concoction best used in the shower with water, as it gets a little messy. I also received a container, which I love for my storing solid shampoos. 
    • $10.95


Let me tell ya, being a beauty blogger is hard y'all! I had to take so many baths to try out all of these bath bombs. So exhausting! Just kidding, it was nothing but FUN! LUSH has 8 limited-edition goodies just in time for Easter! Here are a few of them:

Bunny--How cute is this bubble bar? Expect lots of foamy fluff that smells like candy! My skin felt super soft afterwards. $6.95 (you can get at least 2 uses)

Carrot Soap--A fruity, moisturizing soap in the shape of a bunny. $6.95

Fluffy Egg--A bath bomb that is very strong-scented, like candy. I can still smell it in my room! It turns the water pink! So cute. $5.95

Brightside--This bubble bar is my favorite product and I've already repurchased this twice. Obsessed much? It turns the water orange and really bubbly, plus it smells like a citrus explosion, which makes me invigorated! I love using this to wake me up and get my skin soft! This is big enough for two to three uses. $10.95

Golden Egg--I've never used anything like this: think bath bomb meets bath melt. It smells divine--like toffee and honey, and leaves the water yellow. I did notice gold glitter on my hands when handling the product, like for photos, but it washed away. I also had gold in the tub afterwards, but this rinsed away easily. $8.95

What LUSH products do you love?

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