Best & Worst of Jordana Cosmetics

Have you ever heard of Jordana Cosmetics? They're a super affordable beauty brand that's been around for over 25 years and are a sister company to Milani. They can be found online, at Walgreens, Kmart, Duane Reade, and Save Mart. And they have some really awesome products. Today I'm sharing some their best and worst products. Enjoy!

FYI: I purchased all products at Walgreens stores and Kmart stores, with the latter having the biggest selection. While I tried to get a fair sample of the line, I haven't tried everything. Many products I wanted to try were not carried in store or were noticeably opened and used.

I couldn't find any foundations, powders, concealers, or bronzers, but I did find a selection of powder blushes.
  • Blushes and Bronzer--These come in around 30 shades, with 8 offerings in stores. Most of these are shimmery, but I love the texture, pigmentation, and blendability. The lightest shades will only show on light skin, and several of them are hard to tell the difference amongst without swatching them. Try Touch of Pink for a matte shade. I liked the Bronze best as a shadow.
    • $2.49
There were several types of shadows: sparking cream, baked, singles, duos, cream, and shadow base. I found baked (used), singles (used), and duos in stores.
  • Shadows--I found 12 duos in stores. These were mostly shimmery and satin, but very pigmented and in a huge variety of colors--great for adventurous or costume looks. Good Match was my favorite due to its matte shades that make great blending/transitional colors.
    • $3.49

swatches of blushes and shadows

Liners--I was able to find most of the liner products in all stores, and there is something for everyone: liquid, pencil, retractable, glitter, and felt tip.
  • Incolor FabuLiner--Felt tip liner--I didn't like the brown shade at all. I would skip these, but if you are looking for an inexpensive product to practice with, try these.
    • $2.99
  • 12 Hr Made to Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil--Available in 6 shades and these are awesome! They really do stay put. I have brown and black, but the aqua would be fun for spring.
    • $2.49
  • 12 Hour Made to Last Eyeshadow Pencil--This is a long-lasting shadow pencil that I love! These come in 8 shades and are comparable to the Milani version. These make a great base for shadows. I love the Continuous Almond on my lids or in my waterline to make my eyes look more awake.
    • $3.99
  • Semi-Permanent Liner--Comes in 8 shades, but it is really hard to use. I like using my own brush dipped into it, but it does last. Pearl finish. I wouldn't repurchase.
    • $1.99

swatches for liners and shadow stick

Lips--So many choices, and I was able to find almost everything at KMart, but many products were used/opened.

  • Matte--Loved these, especially this Tangerine Tango shade--the perfect orange for this spring/summer. I didn't find them drying, but creamy, and they're for a great price. Slight vanilla scent and around 35 shades--Very pigmented!
    • $1.99
  • Lipstick--18 shades, but many looked satin/frosty and smelled like Milani lipsticks (watermelon?). I wouldn't repurchase.
    • $2.49
  • New Matte Lipstick--9 shades, slight scent (vanilla?), these felt creamier and less matte than the black and gold tube, but yet they cost more? Still on the fence on these but probably won't repurchase
    • $2.49
  • Squeeze and Shine--13 shades of scented, tasty, shiny, sticky gloss. I like these best over lipsticks but wouldn't repurchase as I felt these were more for the younger crowd. Fun to try!
    • $1.99
  • Lip Out Loud Super Shiny Gloss--15 shades (I've never found all at any store) that are best for a natural look or applied over a lipstick. Watermelon smell and not too sticky
    • $1.99
  • Twist and Shine Lip Crayons--LOVE these and have all 8 shades (because I'm crazy like that). Candied Coral is cute for spring, and they smell like candy! Very pigmented!
    • $2.99
  • LipShine Shimmer Glaze Brush On Gloss--9 shades of citrus (?) scented, decently pigmented gloss that's not sticky. Not bad for the price.
    • $1.99
  • Easy Liner--15 shades, awesome liner, and I have way too many of these! Very pigmented!
    • $1.99
swatches of lip products

Mascaras--Of course I tracked down all of these.

  • Best Length Extreme Lengthening--big plastic wand that didn't really live up to the "extreme" hype nor having "length" and "lengthening" mentioned twice.
    • $3.99
  • Best Lash Extreme--small wand, big lashes, but can get clumpy, but I still consider this a fave of mine. 
    • $2.99
  • Best Lash--If you didn't like the EXTREME version, try this, but you might not be able to, since I can't find it online or in stores anymore. Hmph.
  • Best Volume--this was similar to the first mascara--I didn't really like it, and it reminded me of Milani mascaras
    • $3.99

mascara wands

Nails--Jordana offers stripers and lots of shades, but most of these looked used, really old and separated, so I stuck to the glitters.
  • Glitters--Reminds me of Milani polishes and they aren't bad for the price. 3-free
    • $2.99
swatches of Sequins and Fairy Dust

Overall: I think there is something for everyone to play around with, especially those who are just getting into makeup or don't want to invest a lot! Some products are paraben-free too. I recommend giving Jordana a try!

Do you use Jordana products? What are your faves?

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