The 52 Project: October AND Rants + Raves

Weekly, I attempt a resolution. I share it monthly here. 
I call it The 52 Project.

Last month was my BIRTHDAY MONTH, so I had high hopes for completing resolutions. Let's see how I did:
Week 1: No Beauty Buy October--Ok, this was more of a monthly resolution than a weekly one, but I DID IT!
Week 2: No TV--I didn't watch TV, but I did watch movies, tv shows via On Demand, and all of that was on my TV. Fail.
Week 3: 7 Acts of Kindness--This was around the time of my birthday and to celebrate, I planned on doing 7 RAKs. I made it to 4, and when my birthday came that Friday, days 5-7 went out the window. I want to do this again in December.
Week 4: Do Something Fun Every Day--I'll be elaborating more on this in an upcoming post with Folgers, but I did do something fun, no matter how silly, for an entire week. I've been trying to do it daily ever since.  

Every Sunday (or today in this case) I share my highs and lows of the week. 
Add yours below!

  • Fulton County car tag phone system--ugh!! I cannot stand incompetent and rude people.
  • The weather! It was in the 80s last week. Where was autumn? Nice and chilly today though :)
  • I had a slew of unfollowers on Instagram. Too many Charlie pics? Nope. Never enough!
  • Horrible PMS, which explains why the rants above bothered me more than usual. I'm pretty mellow most of the time.

  • It was great hanging out with friends all weekend, but I still have that nagging Blogger's Guilt that I can't let go of (like returning emails, visiting blogs, editing pics, etc). I really worked on leaving the phone on the table and out of my hands.
  • FINALLY finished a movie from Netflix that had been sitting there since August. Yup.
  • FINALLY watched Portlandia. Sure, I'd seen some of the skits, but never watched any of the eps. Love the theme song by Washed Out (he's from GA!). Here I was thinking I was all cool a couple of years ago when I first heard W.O. I had no idea everyone else already knew this song, thanks to Portlandia. Anyway, funny show.
  • A couple of docs I watched and liked: The Stories We Tell and Dreams of a Life.
  • UGA beat FL! Barely, but we won! Did you catch my post on the party?
  • I just wanted to thank YOU for being so supportive with my sponsored posts I've had lately. I do not decide when those get posted, so I apologize if it seems that all of my content lately seems sponsored. I am blessed to have these posts, as I've desired to have a successful blog that earns a little something to help with my beauty habit. ;) And when you comment on my posts, it helps me fulfill that dream. Again, thank you.

*Please come back at 5pm, as I have a video hair tutorial for you!!

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