Gift Idea: PRZMan Shaving Sucks Limited Edition Travel Kit

It's Review Day Tuesday, and I've shared some great products already, so I hope you check them all out. To round out today's selection, I have another gift idea, and this one's for the guys! I was sent the PRZMan Shaving Sucks LE Travel Kit. Ladies, since a lot of men are participating in No Shave November, I think this is a perfect present to have ready on December 1 or for the holidays!

The kit includes portable, travel sizes of Easy Shave Shaving Lube and Happy Ending After Shave Healer. Easy Shave was created for very sensitive beards. It's a translucent 4-in-1 gel, lubricant, oil-free emollient, and gliding conditioner that softens beards while providing cushion and glide. Easy Shave helps reduce razor drag, rash, and ingrown hairs. Since it is a clear formula, it makes it easy to see what and where you're shaving.  Happy Ending is an oil-free moisturizer that soothes, heals, and protects the face. This thick white cream cools razor burn, reduces redness, and relieves irritation.

This is one product that I didn't review, handing off those duties to a guy friend. He's a guy of few words, so his review was really short. He really liked the products and wanted to know where to get them. He didn't want to appear on the blog, so luckily I had taken pics before handing the products over. I chose my faithful, trusty, reliable, and adorable: Charlie.

And here's Charlie in the holiday spirit, reminding you what a great gift idea this kit is!

Charlie says, "Say no to foam!"

PRZMan would like to offer YOU
50% off the retail price of $25 for this kit only. 
($12.50 plus shipping) if you enter the code: "HOLIDAY" at check out.

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