Easy, Loose Curls With the Conair Curl Secret!

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I am so excited to share this new hair tool I've been loving--the Conair Curl Secret. It's 3 curling irons in one, and is only $99 at Wal-Mart, which is an awesome deal compared to other brands and stores--$50 cheaper! So essentially you can get three different-sized curls, depending on the setting you choose. It has three settings to create long-lasting tight, medium, and loose curls. The Conair Curl Secret is easy to use, making it a great choice for teens, even those new to doing hair. It looks a little intimidating at first, but it is so easy to use.
Here's a quick video telling you more about it:

Keep reading to see the directions followed by a video tutorial for easy, loose curls!

First, apply heat protectant, allow it to fully dry, and then part your hair. Set the Conair Curl Secret on 8 and either high or low. I chose high since my hair needs more heat to curl it. Making sure your hair is tangle-free, choose a section of hair that is about an inch wide. With the side of the Conair Curl Secret that has the light facing your head (it's labled too), place that section of hair between the clamp.

Close the clamp--it's kind of how you open and close the clamps on a flat iron. Once you close the clamp, hair is absorbed and curled. And after about 4 seconds, it will beep 4 times. That means it's ready! There's no need to sit there and count. The Conair Curl Secret does all of the work for you! There's no risk of burning your fingers or your neck either.

Open the clamp and out comes your curl. Repeat on the rest of your hair. Add hairspray, if desired. I like mixing it up with texturizing paste or adding beachy waves spray. It's that easy! And now here's my tutorial on how to get Easy, Loose Curls With the Conair Curl Secret:

Click below to watch if you cannot view the video above

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    Bonus Tips:
    • The tightest curls (setting 12) last the longest, and I like using the tightest curls to give my hair body and texture before an updo or even a bun. Think wedding or holiday hair.
    • I like making the loosest curls on the bottom, then I use the medium setting (10) for the rest of my hair. It helps to fake the appearance of more hair and more volume!

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