Summer Week: Textured, Loose Waves (Video!)

Today on Summer Week I'm sharing my Textured, Loose Waves. These take me about 5-10 minutes and are pretty any time of year. This post shares the highlights of the video, so for more details, please watch the video. Enjoy!
N e e d:
Heat protectant
Texturizing Cream
1 inch curling wand
Heat resistant glove (optional)
hairspray (optional)

D o:
Spray hair with heat protectant and allow to dry fully before applying heat.

With the curling wand pointed down (I'm using one from Herstyler I got on Amazon) take a 1 inch section and make sure the curling wand is behind it.

Wrap the hair around the barrel making sure the barrel can be seen.
Hold 5-10 seconds.
On the next section of hair, place the wand in front of the section of hair and wrap around the barrel.
This will curl hair toward the face. I like to vary the size of sections and the curl direction to make the waves look more natural.
Repeat all over your head.

Take about a quarter (thick hair) or dime (reg-thin hair) of texturizing cream and distribute through hair. I'm using Not Your Mothers, which smells amazing by the way! I like using a cream as opposed to a spray because it helps to define, give texture, and it isn't crunchy. I like scrunching it (as I attempted to photograph above) or defining pieces. That's it!

Enjoy the video below:

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