Summer Week: DIY Moisturizing Lemonade Sugar Scrub Cubes

This week flew by for me! I'm wrapping up my third annual Summer Week with a sweet treat for your body: Lemonade Sugar Scrub Cubes

These handy cubes are just the thing to exfoliate the body for summer: think shaving, before self-tanning, at-home pedis, and more. I'm using lemon, which smells amazing and makes me think of summer. I'm also making these extra moisturizing in this recipe (from an old soap making book I used to own), but customize scents/to your liking. Oh, and my annual Beach Week is coming soon. Enjoy! 

N e e d:
1 part carrier oil
2 parts soap
3 parts sugar
Essential oil
Soap colorant
Soap making mold
Glass bowl

D o:
Grate and melt your soap, preferably over a double boiler. 

I used one bar of natural, organic soap melted in the microwave that I loosely chopped.

Carefully add and stir oil (examples: olive, coconut, sweet almond), sugar, lemon essential oil, and soap colorant. I added Vitamin E and some grapeseed oil, so it was closer to two parts oil, to make this even more moisturizing than a traditional sugar scrub cube.

Press into mold. I used old ice trays and a loaf pan. 

Ice cubes tray

Allow to set overnight and then pop out of the mold, or cut into squares, if in a loaf pan.
Keep in a sealable jar.

Rub onto wet skin to use. Or break into pieces and add water for a lather.

F Y I:
  • These Lemonade Sugar Scrub Cubes make an adorable gift, and they're portable for travel, if desired.
  • If needed, you can press the cube into sugar for extra exfoliation.
  • Depending on the oil(s) used, this could be used on the face but I suggest the body only.
  • The soap helps it to stick together, as opposed to a regular sugar scrub, and keeps you clean. Use a soap base if you prefer. 
  • The lemon brightens and exfoliates. I react to citric acid, so be warned if you have sensitive skin. Never use an essential oil without diluting it in a carrier oil first.
  • The sugar acts as an exfoliant as well. Brown sugar works too.
  • The oils moisturize, and could leave your tub slick. Be careful.
  • Do not use food coloring. Soap colorants, in liquid and powder form, can be found online and in craft stores. The same goes for soap making molds. I find them to be expensive, hence my "molds."
  • This is just one version. I'll share more variations soon. :)
Loaf pan

Have a great weekend!
Be safe, behave, and be well. Love, Elle

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