Summer Week: Quick No Heat Hairstyles With a Twist

Today on Summer Week I'm featuring some no heat hairstyles...with a twist! Yes, these super easy hairstyles are fast and feature a twist or two to give a "twist" on the traditional. I'm using twists as an example here, but feel free to sub the twists for any type of braid. Enjoy.

Side Twist (aka Bangs Twist)
You'll need a couple of bobby pins for this. Take two sections on one side of your part and twist them together. Secure with a bobby pins. This works well to get your bangs out of your face, especially if you're growing them out.

Double Side Twist
Same as above, but do a twist on each side of your part.
Extra Twist: Do two twists on each side. 

Messy Bun Twist
Add a twist or two, like mentioned above, and then gather hair into a messy bun.

Pony Twist
Gather your hair up for a ponytail, but leave a section from your underneath/bottom layer out. Finish putting your hair in whatever ponytail you like: high, medium, low, side, slick, etc. Take that section you left out and divide it in half. Either twist the pieces together or twist them in opposite sections and wrap around the elastic . Secure with a bobby pin.

Bun Twist
Following the same idea as above, but put hair into a bun of your choosing, wrapping the twisted section around the base of the bun, and securing with bobby pins.

Side Pony Twist
Move your hair over one shoulder. Twist each side all the way down and secure with a clip until you're ready to join the two into one pony.
Extra Twist: Do this in a regular low pony.

Rope Braid
I give more in-depth instructions here, but essentially you pull your hair to one side and divide it in half. Twist each section in opposite directions. Secure with an elastic.

  • To make sure your bobby pins stay, spray them with a little hair spray or dry shampoo (my choice) and then make sure they are criss-crossed (forming an "x") in your hair.
  • Instead of twists, try braids--regular, French, Dutch, fishtail, etc.

Tomorrow on Summer Week, a video tutorial on loose, textured waves!

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