Q-Tips Precision Tips: Try These 29 Beauty Uses

I was sent goodies from Q-Tips 
and I'm sharing some of my favorite uses for them 
simply because I love the product!
 I hope you do, too!

I was so excited to receive these Precision Tips from Q-Tips. I had no idea Q-Tips made these! These differ from regular Q-Tips because they are tapered on each end like this:

So why do you need these? For all sorts of beauty uses, of course, like these:

  • Smudger--I keep these in my bag for when I want to create a smokey eye look for night. Add a thicker line of eyeliner above your upper lashes and smudge it out. Then smudge underneath lower lashes. Easy smokey eye!
  • Eye Shadow Application--Before I started using brushes, I used these. The swabs can apply and blend shadow. They're great for touching up shadow too.
  • Eye Brows--Use the Precision Tips to apply and diffuse brow powder or gel.
  • Highlighter--Highlight above and below your brows (and inner corners of eyes) with your favorite product, like shadow or a pencil highlighter.
  • False Lashes Applier--After applying lashes, use the Precision Tips to tap the lashes into place.
  • False Lashes Cleaner--Did you know you can extend the life of your false lashes by cleaning them? Soak the ends of the swab in your favorite eye makeup remover and then use the swab to clean the eyelash glue or liner from the lashes.
  • Exfoliator--Take the swab and rub lips with a mix of sugar and coconut oil to exfoliate.
  • Highlight--Use your favorite highlighter to precisely apply above your Cupid's Bow and below the fullest part of your bottom lip. It will make your lips look larger.
  • Clean Up--Stop lipstick bleeding by cleaning up around the lips. I also think this is an essential tip for wearing a red lip--clean up those messy "edges."
  • Sanitary & Non-Messy Application--I can't stand touching certain makeup with my fingers, as in, putting my fingers into a tin of lip balm, for example. It grosses me out. I use the cotton swab applicators instead. No germs, no mess!
  • Eraser--I love these for traveling! I pour a little eye makeup remover into a Ziploc bag. I can throw in the swabs or dip them to make those eye makeup mistakes disappear. And it's cheaper than store-bought ones. Just dot on the spot and swirl the swab. 
  • Zit Zapper--I don't advise popping zits due to scarring, but if you must, use two clean swabs to pop the zit from both sides.
  • Zit Shrinker--Once the zit is popped (again, I'm not advising this), drop some Visine onto a clean swab and gently dab it onto the zit. The redness and zit will shrink.
  • Spot Hider--Use the makeup applicator to apply the tiniest amount of foundation (or concealer that matches your skin tone) to cover zits or small imperfections. I use the same technique with spot acne cream.
  • Mixer--Remove the cotton and use to mix foundations together for the right shade, scrape powder highlighter into foundation and mix for a DIY Luminizer.
  • Mani Helper--I use the pointed end to help remove polish on my skin from a rushed mani. Unlike regular cotton swabs, the cotton fibers on the Precision Tips won't come apart and stick to your wet nails.
  • Nail Cleaner--Run the pointed end under nails to clean them instantly.
  • Nail Design--Use the pointed end to make dot designs on nails. I like removing the cotton and using the sticks for dotting, too.
  • Cuticle Pusher--Remove the cotton from the swab and use to push back cuticles in a pinch.
  • Mixer--Remove the cotton and use to mix polishes together for a new shade. Also, scrape eyeshadow or glitter and mix with clear polish to make your own custom polish!
  • Fly Away Tamer--Spritz with hairspray to tame flyaways/baby hairs or unruly brows.
  • Unclog--Wet the end with hot water or rubbing alcohol and then rub onto the nozzle of a clogged hairspray or dry shampoo.
  • Flat/Curling Iron/Wand Cleaner--Get into those cracks and crevices with these swabs.
  • Dye Stopper--Take Vaseline onto a swab and rub right around your hairline to provide a barrier when dying your hair (or brows).

More Beauty Uses:
  • Teeth Cleaner--Dab a bit of toothpaste onto a swab and rub onto front teeth to quickly clean them. 
  • Teeth Whitening--Dip the Precision Tips into a whitening gel or peroxide and rub onto teeth to whiten, but I like using these to get between teeth.
  • Product Scraper--Remove the cotton and use to remove that last little bit of lipstick or foundation.
  • Self-Tanning--Use to remove excess self-tanner from around nails, fingers, toes, and ankles. Use to apply self-tanner to small areas. Use to apply lotion precisely on ankles to stop tanning streaks. Dip in olive oil to scrub small areas like nails, between fingers and toes, or ankles where self-tanner developed streaks.
  • Scent Keeper--I traditionally do this with cotton balls when traveling, but have found these cotton swabs work too. I spritz perfume on them and keep in my suitcase/purse/dresser/car to scent it. Or I put them in a Ziploc and rub on my wrists later for a pick-me-up of scent. I've even held them under my nose during stinky cab/subway rides!
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