Ipsy Glam Bag for June (Plus Video)

  • So, prepare yourself for a long intro and some chit chat. First, how are you? I'm ok--we had some crazy weather last week, with a tornado warning. I didn't think it was a big deal but to experience scary weather outside made it seem like a big deal. I was walking Charlie when the sky got dark and the wind started like nothing I've experienced. I felt an immediate panic, grabbed Charlie, and ran for my life, because in movies the tornado appears and chases the actor, but here I was right in the middle, as it unfolded. Scary. Anyway, how was your weekend? Mine was great! I was in the mountains and the weather was amazing; a nice break from the Atlanta heat. Charlie loved all the new things to mark sniff. Did you see all my pics on Instagram?
  • As requested by y'all for years, I started a YouTube channel a couple of months ago. This is huge for me, as I'm the most awkward person you've ever met. I tend to post a video a week and I have about 13. I embed them in the post, but if you want to subscribe to my channel, it's here. I'm ElleSeesYou over there and I always take requests.
  • I had anonymous comments turned off on my blog last week, since spam has gotten out of control, but I've turned it off. Everything is back to normal. If only the spammers would leave!
  • Last week was my annual Summer Week (did you see?) and next week is my annual Beach Week. I've got no-heat waves, my annual recipe for beachy waves, a beauty diy, and a nail tutorial. I hope you stop by.
  • I also wanted to let y'all know this week I'm doing a few product reviews. One is sponsored, one is purchased by me, and the others are sent for review. I don't like having more than one pr review in a week, but that's how the timing worked out. I don't ever want this to become the "everything you see is sponsored or sent for review" blog, so no worries. My reviews are genuine, as you know. I know, I'm over-analyzing and worrying over nothing, but my integrity is so important to me. Just wanted to get that off my chest. Now onto the fun stuff! :)

This month's Ipsy Glam Bag theme for June is On the Wild Side. I took this to mean that I would receive products a little out of my comfort zone and "wild." I think I did! Let's see what I got:
  • Animal print bag with chartreuse accents--cute
  • Starlooks Lip Pencil (bare)--This taupe brown lip pencil would work on many skin tones, but not mine. I gave my already purple lips an even more purple look. But add some lipstick or gloss over it, and it's fine.
  • Nyx Blush (sand)--I was convinced this was a shadow! This brown blush with golden shimmer again would look better on a skin tone other than mine. I chose to wear it as a blush in the pic and video below, but it's virtually undetectable. But I love to look at products in a different way, so I've used it as bronzer (not to contour), eyeshadow, blush, and polish.
  • J. Cat Beauty Sparkling Cream Palette (volta) --A glitter cream palette that is helpful for Halloween, fantasy or cosplay, recitals or competitions (or the club, I ain't judging!), but not really for me.
  • Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil--I love a highlighter pencil because it has so many uses! It's creamy and doesn't drag on the skin. I use mine to highlight my brows, inner corners, tightline, and my lips.
  • J. Cat Beauty Eyelash (47)--These are some extreme lashes! I'll keep these for Halloween. I like that it came with latex-free glue and the glue is black.

Me, wearing some items from this month's bag!

Video time! Enjoy me, squinting at the camera because my glasses are off, as well as cheesy sound effects and a Charlie cameo. But seriously, here's my review of what I received in my Ipsy Glam Bag for June:

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What did you receive in your Ipsy or Subscription Box?

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