DIY Sheet Masks Recipes Ft. Born Pretty

Mixing Kit and Plain Sheet Masks

Born Pretty is an online store that I've featured before here with their nail polishes. But they have other items, too, like the ones I'm sharing today. They sent me a mixing kit and a pack of plain sheet masks. Enjoy!

These sheet masks are plain and dry, so you can add your own product(s).

Sheet masks are really popular because everything you need is contained in the mask, they usually aren't messy, and they provide a relaxing experience. But these sheet masks can become expensive, and could have skin irritants, but you can make your own and customize however you want! They're great for travel, too. Check out some DIY Sheet Mask Recipes below:

Dry Skin

  • Mask 1: Milk--Mix 1/3 c whole milk with 1 tsp. honey.
  • Place the sheet mask into the mix, gently remove excess, and then place on face for 15 minutes. Rinse face with water.

  • I'm using the mixing bowl they sent me. The bowl is flexible, making it easy to pour out of. It also came with measuring spoons, a mixing spatula/applier, and a application brush.
  • Mask 2: Yogurt--Sometimes masks can be a little messy, and I like using the brush to apply yogurt on my face and then placing a plain sheet mask on top to help contain the mess.

Normal Skin

  • Mix 1 tbs. honey with 3 tbs. Apple Cider Vinegar and add some water to dilute.
  • Allow the sheet mask to absorb the mix and place on face 15 minutes and then rinse face.
  • Since ACV is a little strong to smell, I've also used vodka or green tea.

Oily Skin

  • Brew a bag of peppermint, green, or chamomile tea. Once the tea has cooled, place the sheet mask into the tea and allow it to fully absorb. Remove excess tea from mask and place on face for 15 minutes.

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