Best ELF Brushes (Plus Video!)

This week has been so long! Has it flown by for you? A highlight of this week: an advance screening of The Bling Ring. I liked it! Something else I like? Helping y'all out with your beauty questions! I get a lot of questions about brushes, and while I've shared my Essential Basic Brushes, I wanted to give some picks for those of us on a budget (me), for those who are new to makeup, and those who don't use make up often. These brushes start at $1 (white handle) and then $3+ (black handle).

  • Liner Brush--Great for winged liner
  • Eyeshadow Brush--Small and perfect for travel, small hands/eyes, placing shadow on the lid, highlighting, contouring nose
  • "C" Brush--Bigger version of eyeshadow brush, Allure Magazine winner
  • Concealer Brush--Hides zits, veins, highlighting, and to get rid of polish mistakes

  • Kabuki--$6 but comparable to high-end brushes, powder, blush, bronzer, remove excess powder *Fave
  • Big and Small Stipple Brushes--For applying mineral makeup, thin foundations, blending, removing excess blush (big brush); blending concealer, applying highlight, cream blushes, contouring (small *fave)
  • Powder Brush--Powder, bronzer, foundation *Fave
And here's a video of where I go into more detail on each brush (Charlie cameo and outtake as well):

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