My Skincare Routine+ Lip Addict Tag

Hey you! I get asked often about what skin care products I use. And today I'm sharing my current routine--I've been using this routine for several months. After a thorough review, I'm finally ready to share: it's Enza Essentials!  They are a line of products carefully formulated just for your skin. And they have something for everyone: treatments for oily skin, dryness, wrinkles, acne, redness, uneven skin tone and everything in between.

Enza has been wonderful to work with--they created a personalized skin care regimen just for my skin type. I have very dry skin, so my products focused on their Saturation line. They also offer Extraction System, Sustaining System, Treatments, and Body Essentials.

I am all about layering products and have been doing that for years, so I was excited to see the variety of what was recommended. I started my day with the Saturation Cleanser (loved the scent of this!), followed by the Saturation Toner. Next came the Botanical Bio-Peptide Concentrate (so good) and the Advanced Protection SPF30. I loved how every product came with its own information sheet. Not only did I have thorough directions and ingredients, but also what the ingredients do.

c/o Enza Essentials

Nighttime included the cleanser, a Saturation Aloe Scrub, the toner, and Eyebright Intensive Eye Cream, and a Saturation Herbal Creme (one of my faves). Overall, I was pleased with the products they chose as well as the results. If I had any questions, I felt very comfortable contacting Enza. They are extremely knowledgeable and I highly recommend trying Enza. BONUS: Save 40% off with the code ELLESEES!

I also wanted to quickly share a video from my Youtube channel--the Lip Product Addict Tag. I was tagged by BowsNNails, who recently started a Google+ group called Beauty Lovers Unite (we'd love you to join).

And I tag YOU! Here are the questions:

1. Favorite balm/treatment?
2. Best eye-catching red?
3. Best luxury & best drugstore?
4. Best MAC lipstick?
5. The most disappointing?
6. Liner - yes or no?
7. Best gloss?
8. Something extra!

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