How To: Do a Blow Out At Home (For Beginners)


It's HOW TO TUESDAY! Getting my hair done is one of my FAVE things ever. EVER. But I can only afford that extravagance every so often. However, today I'm sharing with you a beginner version that you (yes YOU) will be able to do. Let's get started:

First off, you need the right tools:
  • Something for Tangles--I used The Wet Brush to remove tangles and to help section my hair. c/o
  • Products--My hair is frizzy on the sides, wavy in the back, and fine underneath. I wanted a product to help eliminate the frizz but straighten it too, so I used Blow Pro (I hauled it from Ulta a few months ago). I also added a heat protectant. Use what works for your hair.
  • Clips--I got these at Target (try Sally Beauty, Ulta, or Walmart) and are essential at keeping hair sectioned.
  • Brush--I chose a large-barrel titanium brush from Ulta so I could get volume and curl.
  • Hair Dryer--Using a hair dryer with a nozzle is a huge part of this blow out, and I love this one from John Freida because it is so large. c/o
Now that you have the tools, you need the right techniques:
  • After applying product to tangle-free hair, allow it to set until hair is 70% dry. This means less drying time and less heat damage. It will take me 30-45 minutes if I try to do this with soaking wet hair.
  • Try using the brush with the hair dryer OFF. It will make it so much easier if you practice first. What feels more comfortable in your dominant hand? For me, it's the hair dryer.
  • You are going to place the round brush at the roots, with the hair dryer nozzle pointed down, like the pic above. This helps give volume.
  • Slowly rotate the brush through the hair as you move down the hair with the hair dryer. You'll be keeping the section taut as you move the brush. This concentrated flow will help with frizzies. Repeat as needed on your section. Usually two times is all you'll need.

So you have the technique down, but how exactly does this all come together? I suggest watching the video below!
  • Dry bangs first. Then section your hair from the bottom of your ears to the back of your head. The rest will be clipped up and away. I like working from the bottom of my hair to the top.
  • Take that section and divide that section in half.
  • Clip away one half.
  • The key here is to work in small sections, like half an inch to an inch. Sure, hairstylists use large sections but we are beginners here! Using the smaller sections makes drying time faster and is so much easier to handle. This is the biggest tip that makes the difference!
  • Once you have dried a section, clip it away and move it to the back. 
  • I then move to the next big section of hair (usually around the top of my ears) and divide that in half, repeating the process.
  • Then I keep dividing sections and clipping them back until I'm done.
  • I find this takes me about 15 minutes (I have a ton of hair that is coarse). With a little practice, you'll be able to do create your own beginner blow out at home.
  • To see how to get volume as well as bouncy curls, please watch the video.
Of course, this is best explained in a video! Keep watching for a tutorial as well as tips:

My hair is normally frizzy on the sides, naturally wavy everywhere else, and fine underneath. I used the tutorial above to get it soft, shiny, and no frizz!

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