Rants, Raves, & 90 Facts About Me!

Happy Easter! To celebrate the end of my Blogiversary Week (hey, I'm dragging this sucker out as long as possible) I'm sharing a video giving you 90 FACTS ABOUT ME! You want a personal post about me? Here ya go! But first, a quick recap of life lately:

  • My neighbors have a domestic disturbance that started about 2:30 this morning and then proceeded to go on and off for 8 hours. I called and reported it, but nothing happened. They finally settled down.
  • Having a sinus infection and not being able to visit blogs--my apologies for not coming by. I'm working on that. 
  • My blog is 4, Charlie is 4, and my Youtube channel turns 1! Things just keep getting better with age around here. I've got an awesome giveaway you'll want to check out. See at the end. Thank you for supporting ElleSees.
  • I spent way too much at Target--doesn't this happen to everyone? One of my best purchases would be Bubble Blaster--totally a kid at heart.
  • I bought an at-home laser hair removal system. I'll be sharing updates, if there are any!
  • I celebrated Rex Manning Day--tell me you love Empire Records as much as I do!
  • In honor of my 4th Blogiversary, I did a video of 90 Facts--I thought I had 50 until I counted!! I hope you watch and learn a bit more about me. Enjoy.
Can't see the video? Click here.

$75 Sephora Gift Card + 2 more prizes

PS: For this month's Chit Chat video, I'm doing a Q&A. I only do these annually, so if there's a question you have about me, ask away. And you'll get a shout out in the video!!

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