Elle's All Day Beauty Tools With Neutrogena (Giveaway)

These products were provided to me by Neutrogena® . Thoughts and opinions are my own.

Think about all of your activities in a typical day--what if you had an all day beauty kit that could take you from one activity to the next? Neutrogena® and ABC’s hit show Nashville created an exclusive 3-part digital series, Nashville All Day Beauty, featuring Hayden Panettiere. Whether she’s performing, enjoying a night out, or just kicking back with friends, this series gives us a glimpse inside Hayden’s daily life in Music City and the Neutrogena® products that help her maintain her flawless glow. Check it out here.

Inspired by the products that Hayden uses to look and feel beautiful during her days, I wanted to let you in on one of my days--from day to night! Check out my All Day Beauty Tools Kit from Neutrogena that I use for every part of my day:

Two facts about this pic: I love mint and here I am with no makeup, wearing a shirt that's 20 years old. Um.

Check out that snazzy blog! Charlie is over the sun and is hiding out!

  • I start my day with a cup of coffee, endless emails, and commenting on blogs.
  • After an hour or two of this, Charlie wakes up, and taps me three times, signaling it's time for our morning walk. It's his 4th birthday today, by the way!
  • Since it's daylight in the mornings when we walk, I make sure to put on my Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture Sunscreen (don't forget the hands, too!) before heading out. It's perfect for dry skin, but check out other formulas for your skin type. I know the walk is over when Charlie heads for the shade. ;)
  • But it's time to get ready for work! I take a shower using the classic Rainbath Refreshing Bath & Shower Gel. I debate washing my hair--the Triple Moisture line is awesome--but decide to do it later. 

My All Day Beauty Tools from Neutrogena, me and this amazing bubble blaster, and the 4 year old's rainbow

  • I'm so lucky that I get to dress super casual for work. I'm a nanny to an awesome 4 year old and 1 month old. We are always running around from activity to activity, so my beauty routine varies. Today, I knew we were going to be outside--a lot--after an unpredictable winter, we grab every opportunity we can. I kept my makeup very simple today, with the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Primer--it has SPF 15 and can be worn with or without makeup. I added foundation, mascara, and finished the look with one of my FAVORITE lip crayons, the MoistureSmooth Color Stick, in Bright Berry. Then I threw my hair into a quick fishtail braid. If you'd like a tutorial, let me know!
  • Here's a peek into my busy day: We headed to the park for a picnic (baby sis is at home with her parents) and play. I added more of the Oil-Free Moisture Sunscreen before our bubble popping adventures. Bubble popping is the 4 year old's specialty. She was not into the picnic on the blanket nor taking pics, but she thought it was hilarious I was using the timer and trying to smile AND not look awkward. Fun day.

Waiting on dinner (turkey burger and fries) and then The Grand Budapest Hotel--I loved it!

  • I head home, walk Charlie, and start getting ready before dinner and a movie. Before applying foundation I again used the Healthy Skin Primer, but for my eyes I used the Neutrogena Crease Proof Shadow, which instantly brightens my eyes. Next, I took the Nourishing Eyeliner in the outer corner in a sideways V, then blended it with the smudge tip, giving my eyes that almond shape. Thanks to celeb makeup artist Amy Oresman for the tip! Once again, I used the MoistureSmooth Color Stick. I'm making it my mission to get one of every color.
  • I walk Charlie one last time and then it's time for wind down. Before showering, I remove my makeup with the Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover--it even gets rid of waterproof mascara with no oily residue. I like it because I have super sensitive eyes and it doesn't irritate them.
  • Shower time! Rainbath again and this time I wash my hair with the Triple Moisture Cream Lather Shampoo, skipping the conditioner but instead I use the Deep Recovery Hair Mask. I agree with celeb hair stylist Sam Leonardi's suggestion of using plastic wrap around your mask-covered hair to further intensify the moisture. I've done that for years and it works. What I find so crazy is how much my natural wave is enhanced and how much frizz is gone. Try this!
  • I end the night at midnight after finishing the next day's post. A sleepy Charlie is passed out on my pillow and he sighs when I move him. Does your dog sleep on your pillow, too? 
  • All in all, a fun and busy day!

So that's just a peek into my day, and how I use tools from Neutrogena for all day beauty.
And now FIVE of you will get All Day Beauty Kits similar to mine!

Simply leave a comment telling me a Neutrogena product you love or want to try.
Also, leave me a valid email to contact you! You may enter twice if desired.
The winner will be chosen May 18, 2014.
Open to US only. Good luck!

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