How To: Depot Wet N Wild Shadows

I admit--eye shadow palettes are my weakness. And if they're great quality and a great price, like ones from Wet N Wild, they always end up in my hands. I'm not even gonna say how many I have! But those palettes take up a bit of space, and I've been slowly de-potting them and moving them into my Z Palettes. I've shared how to de-pot shadows before, but that method doesn't work for Wet N Wild palettes--they are larger and just don't fit right on a flat iron. This technique is easy and works for just about any brand of palette. Enjoy!

n e e d:
  • palette(s)
  • heat (like a lighter or lit candle)
  • magnetic palette--these come in a variety of sizes/designs. You can make your own (mine never came out as cute as I wanted), so I suggest buying them. I've got more ideas here.
  • pointed object, like a sharp knife
  • heat resistant glove
d o:

  • Hold the flame underneath the bottom of the palette to heat it. This will loosen the glue that holds the shadow pan to the palette. It helps to peel the sticker backing off first, but it is not necessary.
  • Once it has started melting, remove from the flame (heat resistant gloves, like those that come with curling wands, are helpful here) and carefully poke the sharp object through the melted plastic. If there are any flames on the plastic, be sure to blow those out! The shadow will pop right up. Carefully remove it from the palette and allow to cool--it's metal, so it will be hot!
  • After it has cooled, add it to your favorite portable, magnetic palette, like the Z palette. If you're using a MAC shadow (or another brand that doesn't adhere to the magnetic surface), the Z palette comes with magnets to apply to the back. Sometimes I've found that I need to remove the glue from the back of the shadow if it doesn't stay put in the palette.

That's it! Once you get the hang of it, it goes by fast. I like the lighter method as I feel I can control the flame better than with a candle, but use what works for you! Now you have saved space, helped organize your collection, and made your palettes easier for travel. Don't forget--this works for blushes, bronzers, and highlighters, too.

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