Skincare Sunday: Seba Med

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Today I've got a product for those of us who have dry skin, especially this time of year. Enter Sebamed. I was sent a couple of their products that I have fallen in love with--and so has my skin. SebaMed is a skincare line that has something for ALL skin types, even babies. It's affordable (most products are around $20) and it's available at drugstores. 

First, I'm sharing the Sebamed Anti-Dry Derma-Soft Wash Emulsion ($22.95). Body washes and soaps can strip my skin of moisture, leaving my skin dry, itchy, and irritated. But this one is 100% soap and alkali-free. Sebamed Anti-Dry Derma-Soft Wash Emulsion provides reliable skin protection against irritation and dryness through lipid erosion; safeguards and conserves the skin's moisture balance. It also:
  • Supports and protects the natural barrier function of the skin’s acid mantle 
  • Mild wash active substances combined with skin-related amino acids
  • For face and body
  • pH 5.5
  • Panthenol regenerates and balances the moisture content of the skin 
  • Makes the skin soft and supple
Next is the Sebamed Anti-Dry Night Intensive Cream ($23.95). If you're looking for a very thick night facial cream that isn't greasy, you've got to try this. This cream is rich in phytosterols (3%), jojoba oil and glycerin to protect, smooth, calm and regenerate the skin. 
  • The intensive and rich properties of this Night Cream stimulate the skin’s own renewal process overnight. 
  • The pH value of 5.5 promotes the skin’s own acid protective barrier against dehydration and irritants.
  • Dermatological tests have proven that sebamed Dry Skin Night Cream used in combination with the Day Cream can restore the essential moisture balance of dry skin.
I highly, highly recommend both of these products for severe dry skin. I had no reactions to these products and I have been loving using them. I've already purchased more. If you don't have dry skin, I urge you to check out their line in stores and online for just the right product for your skin.

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