Hot Chocolate & Chit Chat With Elle Sees! (Video)

Hey you! I hope you had an awesome weekend. Mine was uneventful but I am not complaining one bit! We all need some down time, right? One thing I did was film several videos, including one today! This year I'm aiming to put even more than a face and a personality behind this blog than usual, which isn't easy. A way to do that is by doing is a monthly vlog letting you all know what I've been up to. I hope you watch and enjoy my accent hearing more about my life. I'll have my usual Rants+ Raves post back next week. But for now, let's have a little Hot Chocolate and Chit Chat!

Topics Mentioned:
  • Christmas
  • My fam. My pup. Pics included!
  • Good/bad things so far for 2014
  • How awesome YOU are. Yes, you.
  • 2 beauty products I like/don't like
  • A tale of HAIR SABOTAGE!
  • Me, being awkward (as usual)!

Something else I want to incorporate is the BLOGGER OF THE WEEK. I plan on doing one a week, and to make up for earlier weeks in January, I am giving 3 shout outs this week:

  • VeroSays--she tagged me in the 5 Beauty Things I'm Not Apologizing For, which I shared here. It's a fun tag!
  • GlossyGlamBlog--tagged me in Beauty Bloggers Made Me Buy It.
  • Beauty By Arielle--She's mentioned in the video. Find out what she "made" me buy in the video!
Again, I want to thank everyone for the sweet comments and amazing emails from my On Why I Take Seflies post-. I admit, I was kinda overwhelmed--something about putting myself out there front and center made me retreat a little after posting it. I was worried you'd think me conceited, which if that's the case, then the point was definitely missed. So my apologies for being away from visiting you, but I'm fixing that right as you're reading this. xo

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