Rants + Raves, The 52 Project: November

Hope you're ready for a big post! My posting schedule got out of whack last week, so I was unable to post this then. Enjoy.

Every week in 2013, I'm attempting a new resolution. I call it The 52 Project.

November's 52:
  • no caffeine--I didn't drink any, but did have chocolate without thinking about it.
  • saying NO--I have a hard time with this, as I such a people-pleaser. I managed to really do this--one of my big accomplishments this year.
  • more confidence, less insecurity---I worked on this and felt I made some big strides.
  • thankful--This was too easy, as I am a thankful person daily. I used to do the 30 Days of Thankful, but felt silly doing it since it's how I start my day.
This month's resolutions will be those that I failed to do during the year. I can't believe I'm almost done with this project!


  • So I have recently lost 40 lbs, and only my mom noticed! Maybe everyone else noticed and chose not to say anything? We'll see at Christmas. Did you see my Slimfession about losing weight?
  • Driving. I'm over it. Yes, it was so, so worth it, and I'd do it all over again, but I'm tired of the commute and gas money! I hope that doesn't come across as I'm a bad person.
  • Drowning in email and my ever-growing list of things to do. I took my computer this weekend to get work done, but it just didn't happen. I was too busy holding a baby! :)

  • Thanksgiving with family--always worth raving about!
  • Thank YOU for reading and commenting!
  • I got everything decorated for Christmas! I especially love my ornaments from my travels around the world. 
  • I finally saw Catching Fire! Loved it.
  • I got to meet my 15 month-old niece, Maddy! I don't get to see my other brother that often, so it was a treat. She was a cutie.
  • My new baby niece Stella is here! Totally worth the 5 am, 5-hour drive to get all the kisses I wanted. Her middle name is after my beloved, late great-granny and she was born on the 6th, just like our Sugar. Stella has a temporary Angel's Kiss mark on her eyelid, which I'm convinced is a kiss from our granny. She was famous for leaving her lipstick on your face when she kissed you.
  • I got stuck in a Christmas parade route--this is the 2nd time this has happened in my life (the first being in Willacoochee, Georgia years ago)! I cranked up the Christmas tunes, threw pennies out the window since I didn't have candy, and I waved. I'm so weird.
  • Since I spent most of my time at the hospital, I really got to see snippets of life. A talented baseball player leave before his child was born (I'm not sharing his name here). A young new mother leave to smoke just hours after having her baby and then leaving every 2 hours to continue her habit. It just made me even more thankful that my baby niece won't have to start off life with so many obstacles but yet feel hopeless that I can't help those others babies. Such is life.
  • I think I may have lost my small-town country girl card. I had an awful time driving on wet dirt roads and in the dark. I guess that officially makes me a city girl?

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