Lacoste in Atl!

(new location)

I was recently invited to attend the opening of the new Lacoste store in Atlanta. The event was held at its new location in Lenox Mall last month. Come along with me as I share my evening!

(shoes; Natalie and me; Ali, me; Natalie, invite)

I admit, I previously thought Lacoste primarily sold their infamous polos with that crocodile logo, but since I was able to attend their new store opening, I found out they have so much more! For example, Lacoste generously sent me a pair of shoes for the event (see pic above). I'll share more clothes in a minute--keep reading! 

(croc carpet, blue polos, dj infamous, patron on ice, win shoes, the crowd)

Upon arriving on the green carpet, I was greeted and offered a delicious "croc-tail:, thanks to Patron (bottom left). Celebrity dj "Infamous" (top right) kept the club vibe going all night. I got to meet and mingle with others, including bloggers. Check out myself with Natalie getting our picture made with the socially-sharable custom Lacoste photo booth!

(Ed the Artist, his creation)

So in addition to getting pics made, I got to see renowned sneaker artist, Ed the Artist creating live shoe graffiti--several were given away. I loved seeing his custom-branded Lacoste creations.

(so many colors)

Finally, I got to check out the clothes. Of course they practically had one of every color of polos--a classic piece Lacoste is known for. Attendees got to shop the new Lacoste fall/winter 2013 collections in-store.

(a little bit of the collections)

But I was really excited to see the whole range of items they have, including accessories. Lacoste has a Lacoste L!ve line, full of wearable, contemporary pieces. They have so many cute things I want. I highly suggest checking out the L!ve line. 


As a parting gift, guests were offered M&Ms with the Lacoste logo--too cute! Check out my croc thumb drive! Special thanks to Ali, Austin, and Colin for inviting me and being so wonderful and helpful! And if you're in the Atlanta area, be sure to check out the new Lacoste store in Lenox Mall!

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