Rants + Raves

Hey you! How was your weekend? I finally have a second to sit down and write! Let's get into this week's Rants + Raves:

  • I got a notice that I owed some additional taxes from 2009. I still don't see how this is possible, and totally started off the weekend in a crappy way.
  • I had an awesome event that I was really late to, thanks to Atlanta traffic. It took me 45 minutes to get there and then 7 minutes to get home! No exaggeration. Yeah, I can't do anything about traffic, but this is a rant because I can't stand being late. Ever. Instead of first row, I got seventh, which is no big deal, but I was doing press (sharing that on Tuesday!) and wanted to do a good job for them.
  • Getting there was a rant, but the event was great! I got to meet Clinton Kelly and see him in action. He gave great advice and was just as hilarious as I'd hoped. If you have no idea who he is, be sure to stop by the blog on Tuesday.
  • So that was Friday, and Saturday I spent just doing mostly nothing. It was great. Sometimes you just need that, and after being so sick a few months ago, I've allowed myself to recognize when I need to slow down.
  • Saturday night I couldn't sleep, probably from being a slacker all day, so I started cleaning the closet. I resumed Sunday and was really productive. I like ticking things off my list and that one had been there for a while.
  • I love that autumn actually exists in Atlanta. I love the colors, the leaves falling, and the slight chill in the air. 
  • I spent October on a shopping ban, and broke it Friday at Sephora. I got some goodies, including a LE Nars palette. Did you catch it on Instagram? I also purchased some much-needed jeans.
What were your Rants + Raves of the week?

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