Try It Out: Angel Contacts

It's Product Test Drive Wednesday! I'll have two new products I'll be reviewing today. Enjoy.

Whether it's for costume dressing up, like Halloween, or just for a change, colored contacts are a fun way to go. I was sent some circle lenses from Angel Contacts, and since I've worn colored contacts in the past on the blog, I thought I would review them today.

About Angel Contacts:
  • cosmetic GEO circle lenses that enhance the color, texture, and size of your iris
  • come in a variety of styles and colors
  • lenses are 14.2mm in diameter, which means they give you a natural and noticeable enlargement to your iris. 
  • available in prescription

Additional Info:
  • meet US FDA 510(K) regulation
  • completely safe to wear
  • circle lenses have an expiry of up to 1 year after opening. 
  • full refund within 60 days of your purchase, minus return shipping costs (for more details, visit site)

My Thoughts:
  • They have so many styles and types to choose from, like Special FX or lenses with all sorts of cool patterns on the iris. 
  • I chose the Angel Lenses in brown, and with my prescription! Most everyone in my family has brown eyes, and I have blue green, so it's kind of a little joke that I don't "match" everyone else. Now I can! Haha. 
  • This is what the lenses look like, which I thought would be too light, but Angel Contacts know what they're doing:

These are $25 per pair, but Angel Contacts has discount codes on the site.

And here's how they arrived:

Inside this cute little box are two vials of my lenses and a contacts case.

And this is me with brown eyes:

I'm using bright lights here, so my pupils are small in this pic.
Some of my friends noticed and a couple didn't at all!

My review:
  • My lenses arrived really fast!
  • These lenses are comfortable and caused my sensitive eyes no irritation.
  • If you're into changing your look (or into Cosplay, acting, etc.) then give these a try. It's fun!
Brown-eyed girl

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