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I'm sharing a unique product today, something a little different than a usual beauty post, but I think you'll like it, as affects many of us. I'm talking about periods and underwear. It’s something every woman dreads, “that time of the month”. Now there’s a new solution in underwear that helps makes this dreadful week more comfortable. BFF Period Undies provide backup protection during a woman’s menstrual cycle.
  • The stylish yet comfortable undies are made of high quality cotton/spandex with a polyester waterproof, breathable lining- no more embarrassing leaks on clothes!  
  • BFF Period Undies come in classic tones of nude, pink, blue, black and white with delicate lace trimming.  
Sounds interesting, right? This is what I received:

They look a little large here, but that's the photo. They look better on!

And this is what they look like on:
Did They Work?
  • First of all, this isn't a replacement for sanitary products. This is a companion to them, think of it as extra protection, to stop any sort of embarrassing leakage.
  • Make sure to get your true size. These won't work if they're too loose.
  • They didn't feel extra bulky or thick, or like wearing a diaper. They felt like regular underwear and were comfortable.
  • Yes! They worked very well. No problems, no embarrassing moments.
  • And washed well too, although hand washing is recommended asap to prevent staining.
  • I recommend them.
  • These sell for $14 each, or 2 for $22.
    Available here for purchase in a variety of colors.

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