DIY: Candy Corn Sugar Scrub

Happy (early)  Halloween! Today I'm sharing a sweet treat that is perfect for this time of year. It's zero calories, great for your skin, makes a cute gift, and is easy (and quick) to make. Enjoy.

N e e d:
  • sealable container
  • 2 c sugar
  • 3 small bowls
  • fork (tool for mixing)
  • 3 tbsp coconut oil
  • 5 drops yellow soap colorant
  • 10 drops orange soap colorant
  • 5 drops essential oil

D o:
  • Divide sugar into three equal portions.
  • Carefully pour melted coconut oil into sugar section, mix, and then add essential oil and mix.
  • For the orange, add essential oil, 10 drops of orange soap colorant to melted coconut oil and mix. Add to sugar and mix thoroughly.
  • Repeat with the yellow, but only add 5 drops of yellow soap colorant.
  • Pour the yellow sugar scrub at the bottom, then yellow, and then white.
  • Decorate if desired.

F Y I:
  • Sugar scrubs are excellent exfoliants for the body. 
  • Depending on the oil used and the user's skin type, this is gentle enough to use on the face.
  • Feel free to use the oil(s) of your choosing.
  • I find it fastest to mix the oil and soap colorant together before adding to the sugar, but the color can be added to the sugar and mixed before adding the essential oil and carrier oil.
  • I recommend using soap colorant (try the soap making section of your craft store or online) as opposed to food coloring, which stains.
  • Be sure the essential oil can be used on the body. Some are not truly "essential oils" and are only for perfumes, candles, etc. I order mine online.
  • As far as scents go, I've made this scrub with orange, lemon, marshmallow, funnel cake, pumpkin spice, and honey. Use whatever scent appeals to you.
  • I do not recommend trying to do three scents in one jar. Despite great combination ideas, oils can settle, and it never smells right again.
  • This keeps well for about 6 months.

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