5 Under $5

5 Under $5

I'm back with another 5 Under $5, so let's see what I've picked:

Zipper Bag
  • These are normally used to store school supplies, but I use them for beauty, of course! Zipper bags are much more durable than a Ziploc one and are less waste. I keep my brushes in them when I travel, or I'll use them to store and separate dirty brushes until I can clean them. I use them to store seasonal beauty items, like my fall lipsticks. I don't use these year-round and it's nice to keep them in one space. If you don't like liners rolling around in your drawer, store them in a zipper bag. They're also great for storing wet swimsuits, too. So many uses!
Suave Body Wash in Almond Cookies
  • Ok, this is LE, but it smells so dang good! Perfect for fall/winter, as it smells delicious and cozy.
Wet N Wild Mega Length Mascara

  • I love big lashes, and this is one of my faves, as I don't mind thick, wet formulas. I just brush out the clumps. It's the only WNW mascara I like.
Debut 3-Way Mirror

  • Confession time: this is actually $5.99 from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, BUT they always have a 20% off coupon, making it easily under $5. I'm obsessed with this hand-held mirror that you can hang, place on a tabletop as the handle becomes a stand, or just hold it. It allows you to really see your makeup from every angle.
Hollywood Fashion Tape
  • A must-have for every fashionista! This double-sided sticky tape keeps clothes in place. No more gaping-holes-between-shirt-buttons, no more sliding straps, no more wardrobe malfunctions!
Do you have any budget beauty faves?

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