The 52 Project: August and Rants + Raves

Every week I tackle a new resolution.
I share the results here monthly. 
I call it The 52 Project.

August wasn't my most successful month, resolution-wise. And that's perfectly okay. Check out my weekly resolutions for August:

1--Get Organized
  • I've tried really hard to rely solely on my memory for everything I needed to do. I just can't do it. I've found the best thing for me is to just admit I need lists and calendars; the method that's always worked. Success
2--Compliment Strangers

  • I'm shy, an introvert, I have a hard time with eye contact. Blah. We've heard it all before. So for this week I really tried to compliment a stranger. I had the kidney infection around this time, so I was unable to complete it. I will do this again. Fail

3--Step Out of My Makeup Comfort Zone

  • I love neutrals, but decided to mix it up. No one said anything at work that they noticed (which is fine by me). I tried colored eyeliner one day, red lips another, purple shadow another day, and then I headed to my hometown for the weekend. I went back to my normal makeup routine. Fail

4--Find Something Positive Daily

  • I was kinda down, but reminding myself of how blessed I am really helped. And the things that bothered me seemed so dumb after that. Success

August via my Instagram: Me in yellow// First #PSL of the year// Cupcake Bath Bomb//
Nephew's 4th//Me in teal// Charlie being adorable//
Fave post of the month// Hometown// Fave nails

August has never been my favorite month, despite its definition of being majestic. Usually, I approach the month with dread, but this year I was determined to be positive. August had other plans.

I started off the month with a painful kidney infection. And then I found out I didn't make the finals for the Ponds contest. I had a wonderful weekend visiting family for nephew #2's 4th birthday, and that was a highlight. And then I ended the month with Ms. Anonymous leaving a negative comment. Let's just say I'm glad it's September. Autumn is my FAVORITE time of year!

On Sunday, I share the highs + lows of the week.

  • An anonymous, one-timer visited remarked my hair was bad and that I was ugly. Say what you like about me, but not my hair. ;) I still consider it a great accomplishment that I post pictures of myself. It's still hard for me. It stung for a bit, but didn't last long, as unfortunately, it wasn't the first or last negative comment. But that's what happens when you put yourself out there. You can't please everyone. Life is good.
  • A long weekend! I thought for sure I'd be working today, so I'm feeling blessed. I enjoyed the weekend with friends, hanging out, watching the UGA game, watching movies, cleaning the apartment, and recording videos.
  • This will sound so awful and shallow, but a highlight of the week was getting my hair done. It felt remarkable, as always. It's my one splurge. I'm very picky on hair stylists (perhaps from hanging around my Grandmother's salon my whole life?) and have had enough bad cuts and color to prove it.
  • This is my 1000th post!!!
How was your August?

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