Cheap Treats: Sally Beauty Faves

Hey you! It's finally the weekend. Did the week drag by for you like it did for me? I hope you have something fun planned. I plan on restocking some beauty essentials. One place I go is Sally Beauty. These stores can be found all over the US and online. I love poking around in there! I grew up in hanging around my Grandmother's salon, so being amongst all of these products invokes nostalgia, and it feels very familiar to me. But if you're not into beauty products, you probably wouldn't think twice about stopping in. You might assume it's a place only for those in the beauty industry, or maybe even overwhelming, but today I'll hopefully change your mind and encourage you to visit. They have some goodies...and most are under $5! If you don't have a Sally Beauty near you, try your local beauty supply store. This isn't sponsored--I'm just a fan. Let's see some of my Sally Beauty Faves:

sally beauty faves

Top Row:

  • Duck Bill Clips--Sometimes you just need to get your bangs out of the way when you're putting on your makeup--I suggest these clips. I like using them with my velcro rollers or when I twist my hair for no-heat waves. These come in a variety of sizes and choices (metal, plastic).  $2.99
  • Shower Caps--I would love to pretend that I have time to sit down and have a proper pampering session. Instead, I do my beauty pampering on the go: I'll deep condition my hair while cleaning the house. I always have a pack of shower caps on hand to do so. Again, there are a variety of these to choose from. Some are specifically for deep conditioning and are body-heat activated, but I love these plain (and cheap) ones. Bonus tip: I keep these in my suitcase just in case I end up with dirty/muddy shoes. Cover them up and keep your suitcase clean! $3.99
  • Mr. Pumice--Here's a little fact about me: I get a pedi once a year. It's just too painful for my sensitive skin, so I do it all at home. I love this Mr. Pumice stone. It's an easy and very affordable way to keep feet smooth.  $2.79
Bottom Row:
  • Teasing Brush--I like using a brush to tease with instead of a comb, although Sally Beauty has those too. I like using the pointy end to part hair or help with hair humps. $4.99
  • Tint Brush--While this brush is traditionally used to apply color to hair, I use it in my DIY facial masks or creams. It takes all of the gloopy mess out of it. Just "paint" it on. I also use this for DIY hair masques, too. $1.09
  • Straightening Brush--If you aren't ready to splurge for a flat iron or want to use less heat on your hair, I suggest this brush. It's also great for practicing that blow out at home. I shared a tutorial on how to use it, here. $9.99.
  • Face Secrets--I admit sometimes I just wanna spot clean my facial/shadow brushes and disinfect them. This alcohol-based product does that quickly.  $5.49
Have a great weekend!
Be safe, behave, and be well. 
Love, Elle

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