Rants + Raves

WAIT! Before I begin, have you checked out these 2 ElleSees posts below?

None :)

  • So I didn't make the finals of the Pond's BB Cream Ambassador contest, but I did get a consolation prize! I learned a lot from being in the contest, and am glad for the experience. Thanks for the love and support! :)
  • I'm finally over this kidney mess. Again, thanks for the sweet thoughts/prayers. It's nice to be back to normal and to drink something other than water 24/7.
  • I had a couple of days off from work, so that was a welcomed break. I actually sat down, had coffee, and got caught up on my magazines. That never happens!
  • This weekend it felt like autumn outside. I loved it and had the door open during the day. Autumn is my favorite season, and it was a nice reprieve from the heat!
  • I also wanted to the thank the Dating Divas for giving me a shout out! 
How was your weekend? 
What are your rants + raves of the past week?

PS: Just in case you missed it the first time! ;)

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