A Month of No Heat Hairstyles

I'm finishing up my Back to School series with a request! If you've asked for hairstyles that are easy, quick, and require no heat, then you'll love today's post. I've got a month (31 days) of hairstyles just for you! Enjoy!

Before We Begin:
  • These are mostly classic hairstyles, with a few fun ones thrown in.
  • Hairstyles are shown in no particular order.
  • I suggest having bobby pins, dry shampoo, hairspray, hair elastics, a hair brush, and teasing comb/brush.
  • If these are too basic for you, no worries! I have plans for more months of no heat hairstyles.
  • Since I have long hair and no bangs, naturally my hairstyles are geared towards that. Many of these can be modified for other lengths of hair.
  • If I've shared a hairstyle before, it is linked. Click the link for more pictures and step-by-step instructions.

1. Bun Waves--Wrap damp hair in 2-3 buns. Once dry, you'll have loose waves.
2. Triple Bun--Divide hair in 3 sections. Make 3 buns and pin.
3. Pony Twist--Pull hair into a pony but leave one section out. Twist remaining section and wrap around hair elastic. Secure with bobby pin.
4. Double Braid Headband--Take 2 small sections of hair from both sides of your face. Braid and pull across top of head and secure with pins.
5. Flip Pony Bun--Make a pony and pull hair back through. Wrap into bun.
6. Side Braid--Make a braid on chosen side of your hair.
7. Braided Half Updo--Take 2 small sections of hair from both sides of face and braid. Place across back of head and secure.

8. Milkmaid Braids--Divide hair in half and braid each half. Pull up and over each side of head and secure.
9. Low Big Bun--Use a sock or hair donut.
10. Low, Sleek Pony--Make a pony at neckline. Use serum or cream to smooth.
11. Side Bun--Pull hair into side pony and wrap into bun.
12. Rope Braid--Divide hair into 2 sections. Twist each in opposite directions and wrap around each other.
13. Messy Bun--Gather hair at top of head and secure.
14. Princess Bun--Use a sock or hair donut.

15. Loop Waves--Twist hair into loops and pin on top of head. Allow to dry for loose waves.
16. Waterfall Braid--Click for tutorial.
17. Braided Bun-- Divide hair into 2 or 3 sections and braid each one. Form into a braid.
18. High Pony--Make a low pony and pull the "tail" up to give your pony some height.
19. Headband Side Pony--Side pony with a headband.
20. Knot Pull Back--Take a section from each side of your head and tie into a knot (or more). Secure.
21. Hidden Side Twist--Take a section and divide in half. Twist and pin back. Pull hair over the twist to hide.

22. Fishtail Braid--Click for tutorial. Want a video? Let me know!
23. Sponge Rollers--Roll the ends of hair into sponge rollers for easy curls. Mine are from Ebay.
24. Knot Bun--Hair is divided into 2 sections and tied in a knot. Repeat this step an additional time or two. Secure with bobby pins.
25. Hair Bow--Take two sections and tie into a bow. Secure with pins.
26. Double Twist Side Pony--Divide hair in half, and then half again. Twist each half and bring into one pony.
27. Side Twist Bun--Twist a section of hair and wrap around side bun.
28. Double Side Twist--Make twists on both sides of head and secure with pins.
29. 3-in-1 Braid--Divide hair into 3 sections. Braid each and then make the 3 braids one big braid by braiding them together.
30. Rod Waves--Wrap hair around curling rods and roll up. Allow to dry for loose waves.
31. Side Braid--Make a small braid on the side of hair.

Which hairstyle is your fave?

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