The 52 Project: June

Happy 4th of July, America! I have the day off, but it's rainy, so I'm not sure what plans will be. Be sure to keep up with me on Instagram. But let's talk about today's post. For every week in 2013, I'm doing a different resolution. I call it The 52 Project, and I'm halfway finished! I cannot believe how fast this year has been. Let's check out my goals for June:

Focus on the Positive
  • I tend to focus on my flaws or what needs to be improved in terms of my life, self, blog, etc. Instead, I worked on focusing on what I like about myself, my life, and the blog achievements I've made so far. I did okay on this, and was surprised I did as well as I did.
Post Everywhere with No Makeup
  • Oh, I love an Instagram filter. If only I looked that way in real life, right? I decided to post a pic on Twitter and Instagram of me with zero makeup! Gross, but I did it! Would you?
  • We all know I'm shy and awkward, but for some reason this year I'm working on it. I made it a point to talk to someone new everyday and looking them in the eye (a past resolution).

Have No Choice but to Enjoy Everyday
  • During the week of the previous resolution, I told the cashier to have a nice day, and he told me he had no choice not to. I thought that was amazing! What a positive way to approach life! And I've been doing that ever since.
For July, I'm focusing on a weekly goal that I failed in past months.

June in Review:

Yes, I have three pics of myself here, but I see it as I've come a long way with feeling comfortable taking pics of myself and being in front of the camera. Videos have helped!
Charlie, just because :)
The Pool--My home away from home
Mountains + Covered Bridge--A fun weekend in Helen, GA
The Bling Ring--I went to a screening. I liked it!
Rocket Popsicle Nails--A little something summery and patriotic

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