Beach Week: Best Beach Beauty Tips (Plus Video)

Hey you! How was your 4th? It was a rainy one in Atlanta and plans were canceled. I had cute nails and everything all ready to go. I was so bummed. I didn't do anything, but look at your Instagram pics and imagine food, fun, and fireworks. Do your weekend plans involve a trip to the beach? Lake? Pool? River? Before you go, check out my Best Beach Beauty Tips. Now, I'm not talking about makeup on the beach. I'm talking about practical tips for EVERYONE. Check 'em out!

Baby Powder--An oldie, but a goodie that works. I can't stand sand. at. all. And this is the best way to remove it!

Sunscreen Wipes--Now there's no excuse to be without sunscreen. Make your own wipes! Simply add sunscreen to one side of a paper towel or dried out baby wipe. Fold and store in a Ziploc.

Stop Sunscreen Breakouts--Sometimes the best tips happen by accident, and that's how this one came to be. Wash the sunscreen off your face midday and reapply to be breakout-free.

Starbucks Napkins--Forget blotting papers--napkins from Starbucks are free and can be found just about anywhere. They're my best tip for removing oil from your face.

Collapsible Spray Bottle--You will not believe the uses for this and it's great for travel. I love mine for leave-in conditioner spray, beachy waves spray, non-aerosol sunscreen, wrinkle release spray, water to fresh your skin or your makeup, and more.

Sunburn Help--Use Mylanta or Greek yogurt to soothe sunburns if you're out of aloe.

What was your favorite tip from the video?
Have a great weekend.
Be safe, behave, and be well. Love, Elle

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