The 52 Project: July

There's no way it's August. Impossible. But it's here. And just like usual, I devote each week to a different resolution. I call it The 52 Project. July was a re-do month, devoted to completing past months' failures. Let's see how I did:
  • Working Out--I've been walking, and while it's not Instagram-worthy, it is certainly a first "step" so to speak. Bonus: I've given up Diet Coke! I only drank these on weekends and when traveling, but still.
  • Reading a Book--I used to always have a book in my hand, but blogging takes up almost every free moment. I'm checking emails, visiting blogs and commenting, responding to comments, and writing posts (my fave part!). I would spend every second blogging if I could, and luckily my friends remind me to actually have a life. I managed to read a couple of books in July and a weekend in the mountains certainly helped.
  • Go to Bed an Hour Earlier--I've never been a good sleeper, so I'm up 'til midnight and up at 6 the next morning. It has taken its toll and I look awful. I went to sleep an hour earlier 3 out of 7 days. Not bad, but not like I had hoped.
  • Time Management--Ok, the week is still in progress, but I am KILLING IT this week with the time management! I have such a short attention span, plus I am unable to multi-task. Letting myself do one task at a time, and only doing that task for a set amount of time has really helped. 
So that's it for July's resolutions. Let's see what I did this past month:
  • I hit 100 followers on YouTube! Do you follow me on YouTube?
  • Finally cashed in over $100 in change and cleaned out the medicine cabinet. Is it sad I'm really proud of those things? #nolife
  • My fave DIY of the month were these Cupcake Bath Bombs. Did you see them?
  • 4th of July curls and stripes rained, so no fireworks for me!
  • Braves game--we beat the Cardinals!
  • Amazing pool party for charity at my apartment. I won a hotel stay in DC!
  • Got my hair "did" this month! I always feel better.
  • Roses always make bad days better.
  • Charlie was very patriotic this month. My nails last month were based on that Rocket Popsicle!  July's nails were my Sandy Sea Nails.
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