Beach Week: DIY Beachy Waves Spray

It's an annual tradition of mine here on the blog to share with you my recipes for Beachy Waves Spray. I like to change them around, allowing for different types of waves. This year I'm going for really natural beachy waves, with a special ingredient. Enjoy.

In a spray bottle, add 1 tbsp kosher salt, 1 tsp conditioner, and then fill the rest of the bottle with coconut water. The salt causes hair to dry out and create the waves. The conditioner and coconut water help condition the hair without weighing it down. And it just smells good!

Spray on wet or dry hair, scrunch with an old, cotton tshirt to help a little with frizz, and allow to air dry. If your hair has no natural wave to it, twist the sprayed hair and then shake the twists until they fall loose. This spray will not damage your hair--it is simply changing the texture temporarily. The coconut water has never made my hair sticky, but if you encounter that, do half regular water. To prevent product buildup on fine hair, wash with a clarifying shampoo and follow with a conditioner.

If you have fine hair, adding beachy waves spray to hair before/after curling can help give hair texture, and allow curls/waves to last longer. I've done a few tutorials on this. You can also braid or twist hair and allow to dry if your hair is not naturally wavy. I've also done lots of ideas on that too, with more ideas next week.

Have a great summer!

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