Beach Week: Sandy Sea Nails

Welcome to my third annual Beach Week! I'll be sharing ideas and tips for nails, hair, and makeup. I think you'll enjoy it, and there will be something for everyone. Just wait and see! First up, I have a cute nail tutorial: Sandy Sea Nails. Enjoy.

N e e d:
Blue polish
Beige polish
Sand or salt or sugar
Nail brush, optional

D o:

Paint a coat of whatever blue you'd like your "sea" to be and allow to dry.

Decide how much "sand" you'd like and then paint a sand-colored shade of polish.
I used a brush (actually an ELF concealer brush) here.

While polish is still wet, sprinkle sand. I used salt here.
Gently pat down the sand and blow away any excess.

T r y:

  • This nail idea started years ago with a school project, where I used paint and salt instead to recreate "authentic" sea and sand for a map. The nails remind me of that--looking down at a map from above. Over the years I've used sand (playground sand is best), salt, and sugar. Beads, like those used in caviar nails, can be used if desired.
  • I like using salt or sugar as opposed to beads because it makes it more kid/pet-friendly--just in case loved ones somehow come into contact with your nails.
  • Try this on just the tips or you can reverse it.
  • There's no need for sand--just used the beige and blue polishes and paint the sand and sea.
  • I tried to keep this tutorial easy and realistic, but if you're feeling fancy, feel free to use more shades of blue or beige. I did this with the other nails. 
  • A clear top coat can be used to seal the nail art, but the effect doesn't look as realistic. 
  • This look is great for an event or you can expect it to last a day or two without a top coat.
  • Instead of blue, try mint.
  • Try it on just one nail, or as a pedi. I did this for a pool party recently on my big toe and painted the rest blue. It was cute!

How was your weekend?
Any beach visits this summer?

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