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Hey you! It's Friday! But you know what is isn't? FALL! No ma'am--not yet. I've yet to enjoy anything remotely resembling fall (my fave season) around here. I was tagged by Youtuber Melissa Bubbles to do this tag. And I'm tagging YOU! Just pick 5 things you want to finish by fall! And while mine are mostly beauty-related, I extend this tag for anything (5 books, 5 summer pieces you want to wear one last time, etc).

Check out my super-quick video below, which I filmed on 2 hours of sleep, so you need to watch for the deliriousness. Is that a word? It is now!

Can't see the video? 
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Clear Shampoo--I've repurchased this many times, but I've been reviewing other products lately, so I keep forgetting to finish this. The struggle, y'all.

Samples--These things keep multiplying! Ahh! I'm using them up (I share other options in the video) or tossing them. And this is just a sample (hehe) of my samples.

Garnier BB Cream--Another repurchase, and another almost-empty. This is my "summer" shade, so I want to finish it up.

Mascaras--I am not allowing myself to open up another tube until I finish these! Luckily some are samples and some are almost unusable.

Candles--See? I told you anyone could play along with this tag. I am not allowing myself to buy any fall candles until I finish at least 2 summer ones. I don't think it's a surprise to anyone I chose a coconut candle. My FAVE! Speaking of faves, let me know your fave fall candles! (edit: now finished!)

So those are my 5 I will finish before fall! I'm tagging YOU! Feel free to do this tag on your channel, blog, or social media. Have a great weekend. Be safe, behave, and be well. Love, Elle

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