Blow Out Brushes 101

Earlier this week I posted a tutorial (check it out here) on how to do a beginner blow out at home. And one of the keys to doing a blow out is to have the right tools, which I briefly touched on in the video. Today, I'm sharing more details on which brush will work best for your blow out.

Brush Type
Vent--This is the standard brush that many of us have. It will blow dry your hair fast, thanks to the vents.

Straightening Brush--I originally shared a tutorial on using this here, but if you are looking for a sleek, straight look (and want to skip the flat iron), try this. I found mine at Sally Beauty.

Round--I consider this to be THE essential to a good blow out. You'll get volume, smoothing, and the bouncy curls. The size of the barrel depends on the amount of hair you are working with. I use a larger one since I have longer hair. I also suggest a round brush has some sort of venting. See examples below:

Round Barrel Material Type
Ceramic--Once round brushes moved from plastic or wood, the barrels became ceramic. Ceramic barrels help distribute heat evenly and cause negative ions (this helps with frizz). Most brushes will have ceramic mixed with other materials. All hair types can use this type.

Tourmaline--Think of this as a step up from ceramic. Tourmaline barrels help with frizz, static, and give a silkier look to hair than ceramic. All hair types can use this type.

Titanium--This is my personal favorite, as I've found these brushes to feel the lightest and give the best results. I feel like my hair dries faster and is shinier. Best for coarse, thick, or damaged hair, but can sometimes be the most expensive.

Boar--Thick, coarse, and medium hair will love this type of bristle as it helps to distribute oils in hair for the smoothest blow out.

Nylon--Medium and fine hair will love this type and it is less expensive than boar brushes. I personally use a combo of boar and nylon.

Plastic--Fine for all hair types, but not the best for styling or a blow out, more like a quick dry.

  • Now that you know about the different types of brushes, you can choose the right one for the effect you are looking for. If you are going for a traditional blow out (think volume and curls) I suggest a round brush.
  • Next, determine the size of the barrel, the type of barrel, and the bristles. I suggest a round brush with vents. Read the labels to make sure you know what type of barrel you are getting.
  • While in the store, hold the brush in your hand to get a good feel for the handle. Is it too heavy? Does it feel comfortable? 
  • Prices range from drugstore to professional prices, making finding a good brush an affordable process. I've seen great ones around $10-$20. While there are decent brushes at the drugstore/box stores, try Sally Beauty, Ulta, or Sephora.

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