5 Ways to Apply False Lashes

For this week's How To Tuesday (er, Friday), I'm talking about false lashes. Applying false lashes can be one of the most intimidating beauty things, right? But it doesn't have to be! Today I'm sharing 5 different techniques to try.

Before you begin, you'll need the right tools. Let's start with lashes--these can be as cheap as $1 from ELF and up, way up. I personally like Ardell (love the Demi Wispies) and Salon Perfect (these can be found in drugstores and "box" stores) as they work well and aren't too expensive.

Lash glue is the second most important tool to have. Many people love Duo glue, but it smells like fish and irritates my eyes. I like Revlon's lash glue as it is latex-free. If you aren't sure if you're allergic to latex, try a small test patch. Choose clear or black lash glue. Dark looks a bit more natural, but it isn't required.

The biggest tip I have for you is to practice. Hold the eyelash in your fingers and bend it, to get a feel for it. Usually thinner bands work better, but a thick band is good to practice on. Until you get the hang of applying lashes, try using a lash tweeze tool, like the one from KISS above. Some people use actual tweezers to apply lashes. You'll definitely need tweezers if you're using individual lashes.

Other tools to have: lash curler--blends false lashes with your actual lashes, eyeliner--helps hide the band of the falsies, scissors--to trim lashes (see below)

Now that you've gotten your tools and lashes ready, let's inspect them a bit further. See how they are tapered? Take a false lash and place the shortest end of the falsie near the inner corner of your eye. Now hold the other end of the lash at the outer corner of your lash line. Are the lashes too long? If that is the case, try trimming them, but on the largest end only.

Apply a thin line of glue to the lash band and allow to get tacky for about 30 seconds-1 minute. Now, there are 5 different techniques to try to apply them:

METHOD 1: Sometimes it's easiest to work with lashes if they are smaller, so using scissors, cut them in half (or even thirds) before applying glue. I learned this tip from RuPaul! Just be sure to keep the strips in order by size. This is the first tip I recommend to readers when they ask me how to apply lashes. It works.

METHOD 2: Using a tool (like the one pictured above) or your fingers, place the smallest end of the fake lash in the inner corner of your lash line. Keep pushing it in the lash line until you reach the end.

METHOD 3: Use the same technique as above, except this time, place it in the center, press it down and then press down the ends into the lash line. This is the technique demonstrated above.

METHOD 4: Same as above, but apply it from the outer edge to the inner. The opposite of Method 2.

METHOD 5: This is the last resort method but it works. Be sure your skin isn't allergic to lash glue and that you don't have sensitive eyes. If you passed those tests, then apply the lash glue to your lash line. Allow 30 seconds to get tacky to the touch, and then apply your lashes (no glue on them) using method 2, 3, or 4. I admit, I tend to lean towards this method because it is the fastest for me. Try keeping the glue out of your actual lashes, as it is a hassle to clean.

Bonus Method: To fill out lashes or as a more natural-looking approach, try individual lashes. Place a dollop of glue on a clean surface, and using tweezers, dip the lash (3 are pictured above and they look much larger than they are) into the glue. Place it on a clean surface for a few seconds to get tacky. Repeat for the rest of lashes. I suggest using only 2 or 3 and placing these in the outer corner for fullness. Use your tweezers to place lashes along the lash line. Four or five lashes starts to look unbalanced, so either do two or three, or make sure to add them to the entire lash line.

FOR ALL METHODS: Allow the lashes to set/dry for a minute. Then, use a lash curler to gently bind the natural with the false lashes, otherwise you'll have a noticeable gap. Add eyeliner along the lash line. Some like to use mascara to help blend the natural with fake, but it isn't necessary.

Did you know you can reuse those lashes a few more times? Yes! This is especially important if you're using expensive lashes or those made from actual hair (like mink lashes). Simply use some eye makeup remover and a Q-Tip to remove the lash adhesive from the lash.

Now they are ready to be reused, so it's time to store them. I like using a days of the week pill case to easily store them--great for travel too.


  • Add the most glue to the ends, as those are usually the hardest to keep in place.
  • Make sure to press down the entire lash--beginning, middle, and end.
  • Remember to apply to the lash line, as close as you can get, but not on the actual lashes.
  • If using individuals, keep track of how many you added, so that you can be sure you removed them all. Just speaking from personal experience here!
  • Do a patch test of the adhesive to see how your skin reacts.

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