Starbucks Beauty Hacks

Sometimes (okay, a lot of the time) life doesn't go as planned. When that happens, you improvise. And that's how I came up with these beauty hacks that have served me well over the years. So if you find yourself in a situation where you need some instant beautification, visit a Starbucks!


  • Once inside you'll notice, other than the aroma of coffee, the area where you dress your drink. There are so many goodies here! One of my favorite items here would be the napkins! These are perfect for removing excess oil from your face (a must for summer). Keep Starbucks napkins in your purse, bag, or car for quick touch ups--not just any napkin will do! Go try it!
  • The inside of the napkins are great for using the crease as a funnel for nail and craft projects--a must for keeping glitter or small beads at bay.
  • I've used the tiniest corner of napkin to repair a nail once.

  • The sugar, water, lemons, milk, cream, honey, nutmeg and cocoa can all be used for beauty treatments for skin, face, and hair. For example, sugar and lemon make a great exfoliator for the face or hands. I've mentioned these and other natural Beauty DIYs here.
  • Cocoa powder is great for hiding roots, and if you're in dire straits, mix a little with plain chapstick on the inside of a cup lid for an instant creamy shadow. I've also used this as a makeshift bronzer, but this works better for lighter skin tones, as it has a greyish cast. Avoid if allergic, of course.
Food and Beverages
  • Take plain, uncooked oatmeal (avoid the toppings) and use as a mask or scrub for face/body and even as dry shampoo. Be sure to thoroughly brush out.
  • The yogurt makes a great mask for hair/face, just remove the fruit first.
  • Starbucks has fruit, too! Apples, strawberries, and bananas make excellent face/body/skin masks.
  • The Cake Pop stick is perfect for mixing, scraping (more on that below), using an an emergency hair stick (this only works on the top layer of my hair, but will work better on shorter, thinner hair), refreshing curled lashespushing back cuticles, and for crafting/nail art! Try using the stick for making dots on nails (like in this Evil Eye or this School Spirit Nail art).
  • Keep the cucumbers from the Bistro Box and use to depuff eyes--an old tip that works.
  • Hot herbal tea is wonderful for opening up the sinuses--use as a mini steam treatment.
  • Cooled teas can be used for shiny hair, hair enhancer, relief from sunburn, foot soak, or toner. Let me know in the comments if you'd like more details on which type of tea does what.
  • Espresso, once cooled, can enhance brown hair. Leave on at least half an hour before rinsing away.

Stirrer, Sleeve, Cup, Lid, Bag
  • Similar to the Cake Pop stick, the stirrer (I'm talking about the green plastic plug ones, but they have the wooden ones too) works for mixing, scraping, pushing back cuticles, cleaning under nails, and crafting/nail art.
  • The sleeve can be used as a guide for winged shadow or liner. Or as a mascara shield.
  • The cup is instant storage, mixing cup, and the bottom can be used to trace a circle for crafts. 
  • The lid fits perfectly in your hand as an artist's palette--thinking making your own tinted moisturizer or mixing products. It's also for scraping shadow and adding water/setting spray/contact solution to make a more intense shadow.
  • I've also used the stick/stirrer to scrape shadow onto the cup lid and then I added clear polish and mixed with the stick/stirrer. Instant nail polish!
  • The bag works well to catch fall out from shimmery shadows--a must for the holidays.
  • Tear bag into strips and dampen hair with water. Use the strips to wrap around your hair and then knot. Add heat (carefully) or allow to dry naturally. Remove the strips and you'll have curls

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