3 Tips For Wearing Nude Lips

Hey you! I love wearing nude lips during the summer, but for years I found myself wasting money on shades that didn't work for me. Has that ever happened to you? If so, don't throw out that nude lipstick! I've got 3 tips that will work for you!  And before you leave a comment saying that you can't wear nude lips or that they don't look good on you, give these tips a try:

  1. Go Darker--I admit it. I'm drawn to those light nude shades. But they just don't work on me. I've found that if the lipstick is my skin color or lighter, it looks awful, like I've just smeared concealer on my lips. I've found that going darker works better. Instead of an apricot nude, I would choose a peach one, for example. Instead of the lightest pink, I'd take it a little darker. Works every time.
  2. Read My Lips--The second tip is to look at your natural lip color. If it's really pigmented, you'll have an easier time with nearly any nude shade. If your lips are like mine and not very pigmented, I have to stay away from cream-colored nudes. They're too light for me!
  3. Bit of Brown or Pop of Pink--What happens if you already have those nude lipsticks or glosses that don't work for you? I've found that adding a little brown lip product really helps. For example, I'll use a light brown liner and fill in my lips before adding a nude lipstick or gloss. It kind of fakes the pigmentation that my lips lack. I also will mix a light brown lipstick or gloss with my too-light nude lipstick/gloss. Depending on the shade of nude you're trying to wear, a pink might help too. Make it a darker pink, like a mauve. I use the 2-1 ratio: 2 parts light nude to 1 park "fixer" shade.

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PS: Charlie is having a dental cleaning today and possible oral surgery. Please say a prayer for him or send your good thoughts his way. Thank you.

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