10 Freebies I Actually Purchased

I have reviewed over 500 products here on ElleSees--a little bit of everything, not just beauty. It's a detailed and lengthy process (see my Review Policy here) that I enjoy. Some I have purchased and some were PR samples. And while my reviews are honest, I know I've viewed other blogs and wondered if the reviews were positive just to get freebies. Do they actually purchase the items once the sample runs out? I have many times! Today I picked 10 freebies I ended up buying later. I plan on making this a series since I have so many! Enjoy.

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1. Batiste Dry Shampoo--This is one of my fave dry shampoo brands, and I've loved them all--they have cute packaging, different scents, and there's a type for everyone.

2--Pic Monkey--This is what I use to edit my photos on the blog and my Christmas card, as pictured above. Love it and use it daily.

3--Dr. Sponge--Using this Kojak sponge has softened my KP-ridden arms. This is a holy grail product for me!

4--Sensationail Gel Nail Polishes--This is one of my favorite gel nail brands. I've purchased their Fuse brand too!

5--Bare Minerals Pure Brightening Serum Foundation--This is my current fave foundation. Dry to combo skin types should give this a try. I've gone through the samples I was given and recently purchased a darker shade for summer. I've also purchased their glosses!

Each product is linked to the original review. Click link for info.
6--Just About Anything Neutrogena--I may be a Neutrogena ambassador, but I purchased their products before I became one, and even now--as recently as last week. I love their sunscreens, lip crayons, wrinkle creams, makeup wipes, and more. Good stuff.

7--Blue Jeans Bar Express--This is a cool concept I got to try. A stylist personalizes several outfits for you and you only pay for what you keep. No fees or anything! I purchased an amazing pair of jeans that fit me like a glove.

8--Studio Gear Cosmetics--I love their shadow trios and lipsticks!

9--Reebok Skyscapes--I was given the purple pair but loved them so much I had to buy a hot pink pair. Most comfortable shoes I own. And I couldn't resist posting another pic of Charlie. He's doing well, by the way!

10--Clear Hair Care Line--I've bought the shampoo, conditioner, and the awesome hair treatment so many times. When my hair gets "used to" other shampoos, I always go back to this brand.

What products do you purchase over and over?

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