Sonia Kashuk Google Hangout--Check Out the Video!

Have you been checking out my posts on Sonia Kashuk? I've shared them here and here. She's a celebrity makeup artist with her own line of awesome beauty products at Target. And I had the chance to participate in a Google Hangout with her! 
It was so fun and I learned so much about her. In case you missed this post, I asked for you all to submit questions for me to ask her. I admit, I was nervous since I have been really sick AND because it's Sonia Kashuk! I don't exactly interview famous people on the regular. But I wore my favorite color, added some Sonia Kashuk makeup, and I was ready to go:

And Sonia saw this on my Instagram and she said my makeup was lovely! WHAT?! Total fangirl moment.

But once it became time for the Google Hangout, I wasn't nervous at all! Sonia really put everyone at ease. The worst part was just that my voice sounded awful, dang sinus infection. Myself, along with a few other bloggers, asked her all sorts of questions, and she gave great answers about everything. Here are just a couple of interesting answers:
  • She got her makeup artist start in the Funky Town video.
  • Two products I shared in my Sonia Kashuk post (see here) won CEW awards! The Chic Luminosity Bronzer/Blush Duo and the Eau De Toilette in Pink Innocencia both won!

Want to see what other questions she answered? And to see if she answered YOUR question? View the entire Google Hangout below:

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