National Candy Month Nails With Q-tips!

Here's a little fun fact for ya: June is National Candy Month! To celebrate, Q-Tips once again teamed up with celeb nail tech Kimmie Kyees for some delicious nail designs. And Q-Tips sent me the best goodie bag of fun things to recreate her nail designs. All of these designs are easy to do, and they don't require any fancy nail tools--just use Q-Tips Precision Tips. I love these and have 29 Uses for Q-Tips and consider them one of my must-have beauty tools. Check out my recreations of her yummy manis that are so cute for summer:

First up are Silly Stripes. I chose an orange polish, similar to the candies pictured above. I also used a white polish and a matte top coat.

After my orange polish dried, I poured out a bit of white onto a paper plate. I took the Q-Tips Precision Tips and twisted them to make my own nail striper. It really worked! Just trim any bits if needed. I dipped my "striper" into the white polish to create the shine lines of the candies. Tip: I find it easiest to slowly move your finger and hold the striper still. Once that dried, I added a matte top coat.

I love how these mimic the colors of a candy necklace! For Candy Tips, I used a blue polish, a pink polish, and a glitter polish with similar colors as the candy necklace.

I painted the blue and allowed to it dry. And then the pink on the tips (it's not showing that well in the pics). I used the Q-Tips to dab on the glitter. The Precision Tips absorb the polish, making the glitter easy to apply!

These Sassy Sprinkles are so cute and fun (I did a similar sprinkles nails design here). And they are so quick! Paint nails white and while nails are drying, pour out a little of red, green, yellow, and blue polishes. Just like in the first design, make a striper out of a Q-Tip. Then dip into the polish and stripe on your "sprinkles."

I love how these Seeing Dots look like candy dots! I used white, blue, green, yellow, and pink polishes. Add a paper plate and some Q-Tips, and you're set!

After my white coat dried, I dipped a Q-tip into my desired color (I followed the pattern of the candy dots) and dabbed a column of that color. And then I repeated for the rest of the polishes. No nail art tools needed. To complete the look for designs 2-4, I added a clear top coat. Thanks Q-Tips for the polishes and candy, and thanks Kimmie for the step-by-step guide!

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