My Makeup Storage (Spring/Summer Beauty Room Tour)

Finally, finally, FINALLY! I'm sharing my makeup storage! When my friends are at my house, and they aren't swooning over Charlie, they are in the Beauty Room (aka my bathroom. Whatevs). I admit, I was really nervous about posting this, because I know how people can be! But everyone has her thing she collects, and mine happens to be makeup! I'm only sharing makeup, so skin care, hair care, nail polish, etc. won't be shown, but let me know if you're interested in those! Now, onto the tour!

Can't see video? Click here.

More sneak peeks! Please watch the video for details!

And once again, these are what I use to store my stuff:
one--I keep my lip crayons, lip glosses, and other products in these Muji 5-drawer boxes. These can be stacked and they are good for the price.

two--My single and small shadow palettes, highlighters, primers, BB & CC creams, and more are stored in my Beauty Cube. It is pricey, but amazing quality.

three--I have one drawer in my bathroom, so I use drawer organizers for lipsticks, bronzers, concealers, eyeliners, mascaras, blushes, and more.

four--This is random, but I store my false lashes in these pill containers. This is one of those delightful happy-accidents. I was traveling, didn't want to throw out my used-once lashes, and so I popped them in there out of necessity. And that's what I've done ever since. Try it!

five--I've used letter organizers in the past for my palettes, but as my collection grew, I wanted something bigger and more durable. Enter this desktop mail organizer from the Container Store. I keep my makeup sponges and Beauty Blenders in there too!

six--I store my eye and face brushes in empty candle containers--something I shared over two years ago on the blog. To keep the brushes upright, inside each container are filler beads--these are found in the floral department at craft stores.

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